Going Out West Volume 6

Well Folks, it’s official, I will be an Albuquerque resident starting December 18th until at least June 30th. I signed a lease and paid for the entire term of this lease yesterday. So the great Going Out West Experiment begins soon.

So, these posts have been pretty boring, but I have actually managed to get out a bit over the last two days. On Tuesday afternoon after apartment hunting I explored Old Town Albuquerque a little bit. Old Town plays hosts to some really cool houses and is where they have a lot of the museums. I didn’t go in any of them, but the art museum has a bunch of sculptures outside, of which I took some awesome photos that you would be seeing had I not left my chord at home. Today, I think I am gonna check out the botanical garden after driving out to Santa Fe I think. Although I might go to the Petroglyph National Monument instead. I haven’t done any research on any of this stuff yet, but it’s still early out here.

So after I dropped off my application yesterday I headed out to Los Altos Skate Park. Albuquerque has about six skate parks in the city, of which five are mostly concrete and Los Altos is the biggest and seemingly the best. It has TWO bowls, one is a traditional pool like bowl and the other is a HUGE double bowl. Then it has a bunch of hubbas, quarterpipes, rails and all kinds of other shit. I met two guys in the Air Force who were off and skating the place. They were pretty nice to an obvious outsider, and the one more seasoned skater asked me if I wanted to take pictures. So I got some rad shots at a rad park and learned a little bit about the city. Apparently Los Altos gets littered with little thug ratz and kids that just want to hang out and do drugs. I saw at least one deal, and a bunch of kids smoking pot. This shit kinda sucks, it gives skating a bad name and I would hope the kids could do one with out the other. I’m not down on pot, but it just encourages other kids, non-skater kids to hang out and act like idiots. Apparently the city doesn’t do much about it, and you have to be mindful of your car. Petty crime seems to be a problem in a lot of parts of the city too. All of this is a shame because the positives I’ve heard totally make me feel like this is a city that invests in it’s community.

So, after I signed my lease I ate dinner in my new neighborhood. It’s at the foot of a commercial wasteland of corporate chains. This was okay, because I really needed a book. I picked up Rat Girl by Kristen Hersch which I am psyched to start reading on the plane home. Also, yea that request for Kid Cudi and Cee Lo is no longer necessary, because I shamefully fell off that wagon.

The northwest side also lays up on a hill and as the sun set early, driving home I got a look down at the expansive city of Albuquerque before me. It was an amazing view. All the houses were lit up over ten miles. It was like looking up into space, which is another eastward drive I look forward to.

Albuquerque has been pretty good to me this week. I am pretty excited about moving here, starting work on some of the projects I’ve been putting off and learning more about the southwest. I am not sure this is the place for me for the long run, but for the time being I am anxious to embrace this city, navigate it’s expanse and find it’s hidden jems.


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