Going Out West Volume 5

Dear readers, thanks for your attention over the last few days. It seems we will be putting in an application for an apartment in Northwest Albuquerque today. It’s a nice, suburban like community about five miles from downtown. Albuquerque is really expansive and everything is spread out. It feels like everything is forever far from each other. But it only took me 15 minutes to go 5 miles in the mist of Albuquerque rush hour last night.

So for those who come for the music, fear not, Friday should bring you a nice long rant on Black Flag, Bad Religion and OFF!. The Religion are playing here in the ABQ on Thursday and I have decided to go. Mostly because Off With Their Heads (winners of the KYS #1 Album of 2008) and the Bouncing Souls are playing. But I just finished reading Spray Paint The Walls, which is the story of Black Flag,  And the OFF videos that I have seen so far are incredible. So there are a lot of parallels. Be on the look out.

Also be on the look out for more posts from my man William F. Willard who has appeared to have left the hotel room in search of the promised wild west. But I like him and his ilk and think he will bring a much needed change to the blog. Also, upon return to Dixie (which looks like I will be there through Thanksgiving), Beau Beau the Cat will be bringing you some of the periodical album reviews. Oh yea I have a few other creative projects to get me between November and my relocation to the ABQ.

So yea, it’s been a weird week so far. I’ve watched a lot of MTV2 and been going to be really early and waking up really early. That part kind of sucks. Anyway, I am looking at least a six month stay here in the wild west. Not quite sure what the hell the future holds. We shall see. Oh yea, if anyone wants to gift me the New Kid Cudi and Cee-Lo Green, I would be stoked. Leave a comment, I’ll let you know where you can send that.



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