Goin Out West Vol 2.

Albuquerque is fucking really dry. My whole body is dry right now. I have a feeling I am going to drink more water in the next two days then I ever have ever, just to calibrate my existence. I already run pretty dehydrated as it is.

I feel like I am on another planet. Like I walked into some dive bar on Alpha Centauri. It’s desolate and lonely, unlike any part of the world you have ever seen, certainly different than the lush, damp Virginia soil I left behind. Did Ford Prefect pick me up, hand me a Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster and set me loose in some strange land? I think so. But in all seriousness, this is a very strange place.

My first attempt at finding local culture was met by dinner at the Flying Star Cafe. This is a bit more upscale and yuppieish, hipsterish then I was in the mood for. Not that the food or the service was bad. It was quite pleasant actually. Nice people, apologetic that they did not have the beer that I wanted. The food was good, more than I want to spend, seeing as steady income is now an issue. But everyone is polite, laid back and drive like maniacs. This was supported by an article I read in the Santa Fe Reporter which indicated that accident rates and DUI arrests are some of the highest in the nation.I followed my meal by a walk through the adjacent book store, picking up, but ultimately not buying Ghostgirl, which admittedly looks a little sophomoric on the surface, but may have been some humorous, light reading apt for a plane. We’ll see how the week goes. I don’t much care for buying books any more. They take up space and the library is filled with ones you can borrow.

I bought water from a Walgreens after a short drive through Old Town Albuquerque, or at least a very small part of it. This is the area I want to live, and the brief driving around it, so far supports this impulsive, unresearched decision. It’s quiet, bare, and homes are unique and seem to showcase the personalities of the people inside them. If I had my druthers and confidence at all about this move, I would buy one of these humble abodes and set up shop, crafting my own unique living quarters to the world. I look forward to more of this city soon.

Tomorrow I hope to at least find the place I like. Do to unforeseen details on my part, I do not have a check book and thus, not the paper capital to negotiate semi-permanent lodging yet. An unforseen road block, but one I am sure there is a solution for. Hopefully the check book comes and Fed Ex can be snappy on the relay. Otherwise, we shall see.

Should there be adventure, it will be told. My compatriot and I will regale you with the lurid details. Though I doubt we are set for much in the way of exciting exchanges. Who knows though, the locals seem to have confidence in me, those that have heard my tale thus far.

Until next time, this is Erik Gamlem, signing out.


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