Why I’m Not Voting Today

I really don’t like talking about politics anymore. This rant will probably not persuade you to that argument. But I am a man of passionate ranting. So here we go.

I think that anyone who has succumbed to this pseudo two-party system and believes that any of these people have any radical ideas (wait one second for fuck sake) clearly does not have a clear foundation of how this country’s political system came to be and why it is in such a state of disrepair. Remember that “radical ideas” comment I made?  I mean truly radical ideas. That is, new ways of dealing with complex problems that are researched and well thought out and have true potential. Neither “party” provides any type of real world solutions. The fact is, our government is just another large business, interested in greasing its capitalistic machine. The art of politics in the 21st century is nothing more than big business ideology where money talks.

Don’t believe me? Think I am some nut job radical? Than explain Christine O’Donnel to me. Clearly this human being lacks a basic education to truly be entrusted with debating law and legislation. We don’t even have to know what her politics are (and frankly, she’s such an idiot that I am not even interested in what she thinks) to make this judgment. Thirty five seconds of exposure, watching her sweat under a softball question is enough to know that she does not have the fundamental, critical thinking skills to pass a middle school civics class let alone act as an educated representative to a voting constituency, that apparently has the mental capacity of a cracked walnut. Have you traveled on I-95 through Delaware lately? Ever? Remind you of a prolapsed rectum? I rest my case. She is where she is because she knows how to sell an idea to people, thus gaining the capital to participate in the system.

I refuse to subject myself to the embarrassment of legitimizing our federal government that is much more worried about morality then it is about civility and civil service. That we as a people, who claim to be educated, continue, mercilessly, to allow our political system to be closed to only those who have access to money, or know how to organize a corporation to sell a product (in this case the product of bad ideas) to a public so well-trained to spend that hard-earned money, just proves how fucking stupid we truly are. I see absolutely no use in pretending that the lesser of two evils is a worthwhile choice. That’s barely a choice at all, lacking such a huge range of hue and detail that black and white doesn’t even cut it as a tired cliché to describe political discourse in America. No, I truly see no difference in the self-interested Democrats and the self-interested Republicans. Next week, I won’t have a job. Next week some of these idiots may not collect a paycheck from the bank of the United States Congress, but none of them will be without a new private sector job to fall right into and continue to grease the wheel.

I know this will come as quite a let down to a lot of my very passionate, smart, educated, critically thinking and well-meaning friends that may stumble across this. It will probably even make some of you visibly upset. But I am not a man of faith and I certainly have no faith in man (the male specific pejorative is intentional here) to do the right thing. History teaches us, repeatedly, that our leaders will repeatedly fail us. This fucking rant is not meant to be a judgment or even an argument. I have voted in every national, state and local election since I was 18 (and if I had any future interest in the municipality of Virginia where I am registered I would have taken the time to review any local elections that may be occurring today, but as I do not, I don’t feel it is proper of me to cast a vote) and on the state and federal level I have been dismayed. I can not, in good faith, cast a vote for any person who continues to subject the world to more actual and psychic violence on such an unimaginable (to me) grand scale, that this simple mention causes me great anxiety. I foolishly cast a vote for President Obama and he let me down on inauguration day by including that piece of shit, capitalistic asshole Rick Warren as a part of the ceremony. If you are gay or support gay rights and wonder what happened to all those promises Obama made, look no further than the inclusion of an evangelical, mega church owning, religious-capitalist on your precious inauguration day.  I cried too that day, but not because I was happy. You do not talk about hope and change to a nation and then include such a hateful human being to stand upon the pulpit with you. Politics died for me that day. I’ve never felt so betrayed in my life, and I don’t even know the man.

So no, I won’t be voting today. I am not mad at the system or wanting to tear it down. If I may re-appropriate the words of many unenlightened before me, I hate the players, a lot. The game is just underwhelmingly boring to me at this point. I once read a quote that stated in essence that any system can be gamed. The only invariable in any system is the user. You can not predict nor rely on the actions of the human being at the helm. The system is a lifeless dependent. Human beings are unpredictable, especially in their greed and stupidity. I’ll be enjoying my second day being unemployed, thank you.


3 thoughts on “Why I’m Not Voting Today

  1. Jimmy, I disagree with you on that sentiment and am a little surprised by the simple and sloganeering argument here, but, since I know you, I will give you the benefit of the doubt. This is the internet after all and you are a busy man. I am unemployed now, so I have the freedom to make a long, drawn out and winded counter argument. So here goes.

    Where I live, In Virginia, there are no Tea Party candidates on any of the elections I am registered to vote in. The people available for me to chose are big money politicians who have greased their constituents through many trusted years of so called public service. None of the individuals available for my choosing appeal to me on any level. I suppose I could cast a Green Party vote which could appear to be a political gesture against a career spanning representative (Moran) and a slick looking former general (Murray), but I hardly see the point in a vote against the grain as an action for real change.

    I have tried and failed to see how voting for a person (which is different than a ballot measure) makes for any change what so ever. People do have the power to make a difference, to change their lives and those of others in positive, constructive and meaningful ways. But people in power seldom do. And I have cast many votes I am proud of, mostly the one in Virginia against adding an amendment to the state constitution defining marriage as between a man and a woman. That ultimately failed, but I saw that as my civic and ethical duty to do.

    I do agree that there is something very wrong today. People are unemployed, underemployed, do not have retirement, education is a piece of shit and corporate greed and misappropriation of positions is utterly devastating. I don’t agree with many people who are mad and supporting Tea Party Candidates, but I understand they are upset. And I think that is legitimate. But the movement itself is not the problem, it is the opportunists who are well funded, well organized and truly don’t care about people that are. We are a society that rewards the media whores and there are enough egotistical people out there that are ravenous for that attention. Voting only encourages these people. And that may sound like a back handed slap, but it’s a very honest sentiment.

    So this sentiment of “either I’m with you or against you” doesn’t really sway me. I am not, as a matter of principle against anything. The song “The Argument” doesn’t really bode well through my body. I am with and for and sympathetic to people. I want to struggle and improve and offer something tangible, now more than ever after ten years of being a stooge. I am not going to start my new existence by participating in a ritual of guilt and greed. It’s not a part of the psyche I choose to relive anymore. I do not encourage others not to vote. I make plenty of “I” statements in my arguments that I hope that remains clear. But voting is not the same as action, and by voting, that doesn’t get you off the hook. By not voting, that doesn’t get me off the hook either. We all have to put our efforts where our mouths are (something I am trying desperately to do and change in my life). For me, this voting thing is not the way to go.

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