Soundtrack to the March to Keep Fear Alive

Tomorrow,  thousands will descend on Washington DC for the March to Keep Fear Alive. For all of you unemployed idiots out there like me, you might need a soundtrack to keep you shuddering in your boots. KYS has got you covered here with ten great songs about fear. If you ask nice, I might make you a CD.

1. The Years, The Fears, The Sleep – Defiance Ohio
2. You Are Right To Be Afraid – Beauty Pill
3. Fear is a Man’s Best Friend – J. Robbins
4. Too Scared – Del Cielo
5. The Fear – Lilly Allen
6. The Fear is Back in Town – Milemarker
7. I’m Afraid of Everything – Braid
8. Fear of Commitment – The Measure (SA)
9. When I Was Afraid – The Thermals
10. Let’s Get Terrified – Dead Mechanical

If I had my shit together and all my music was on one hard drive I’d have mediafired this for you, but well, I am not that well organized. Suck it.

One thought on “Soundtrack to the March to Keep Fear Alive

  1. Dude your blog is fucking awesome. It is literally the highlight of each day. I’m a broke ass bum myself, and I use a cool site called where you can swap cds from your collection with other peeps for a mere 50 cent fee. Not trying to sell you on it, as there is nothing in it for me other than helping a brother out. Peace!

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