What’s Going On

Yea, so I am listening to Kate Nash’s great album from this year, My Best Friend Is You which I don’t remember actually doing a review of.  As much as I want to write (poorly) about music all the time, I don’t get to touch on everything. Over the last two months I’ve actually had the mental space to update this blog thing about three times a week like I kind of always wanted to. So I’ve got to write (still poorly) a lot more about a lot more music. Readership has doubled (thanks kids) to include people I don’t know personally. So I must be doing something right.

I am currently reading a couple of books about bands or musical/social/political movements at the moment. Both these books (and I hope to do reviews of them on this blog here when I finish them, I am a slow reader, IE, I don’t read daily) talk about the bands in a historical context. It’s something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. Music as a construct of history. I loved history when I was in college, so I became an English major, learning about the world and history through the context of literature. Music and the birth of musical movements can tell a lot about history. Jeff Chang’s Can’t Stop Won’t Stop, which I managed to finish after misplacing the book, did a fantastic job of telling the story of a post-vietnam New York through the narrative of Hip Hop music’s birth. Music is a key that can unlock history, especially modern history, which we are so plumb to forget.  So, I’ve been thinking about history and context and the pressent quite a good deal. I have another post I am working on about a pretty well known punk band where I actually hope to get other people’s insight. We shall see.

In about two weeks I will be flying to Albuquerque, New Mexico to find an apartment. I have no immediate plans to spend money on internet services once I settle myself. I’ve been wanting to break up with the internet for a while and being unemployed in a new city is a good excuse to not have internet services. I don’t plan on abandoning this blog or the on hiatus podcast (which will prove to be difficult) but I am not quite sure how all of this will work come November 2nd. Also, this last weekend was a pretty big emotional drain. Death kind of fucks with the living. There was already a lot of self-doubt in this whole moving to the desert in a small city where there doesn’t seem to be a lot of punk kids or any friends which makes for a daunting situation for a ranting loner such as myself. I am feeling this desire to plant roots somewhere. Being on Long Island with my extended family I see some settlement in their lives, a settlement I don’t really have in my own life. 21 years in Dixie and I just don’t feel my roots have sunken into the soil. There is a lot of craziness going on in my brain. Kate Nash makes me feel a lot better about that. Seriously, this album is pretty awesome. It makes me forget about the relationships I’ve fucked up, ten years working at a shitty job, failed homeownership in a time when everyone fails, bad tattoos, poorly healed piercings, weight gain, failed attempts at veganism, shows I didn’t see. Kate Nash is pretty wonderful.

So seriously, I have no idea why anyone would read this. My Indie Rock Post was so shitty with lots of errors. I was a bit out of it when I wrote that though, so I hope you will forgive such trespasses. Anyway, I appreciate the small bit of attention here on the internet. I’ll try to be less neurotic and hopefully even crank out a few more posts by months end. Be Cool, Don’t Be A Fool, Brush Twice to be Sure.


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