The Gift

The Gift

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It took five and half hours, and me getting a red light ticket but I pulled up to Germ Books in the Fishtown district of Philadelphia just in time to see The Gift. Sadly I missed Birth Noises that features Ashley Arwine (pictured right) but I totally was stoked to see my DC lovelies. The Gift are part of a new wave of musical awareness and awesomeness that is coming from DC. This is probably going to be part of a lost history. Which is sad, because this shit is seriously brilliant. But DC has become so refracted in its punk and underground scene. I feel like the town has given way to a new kind of “indie” scene that does not value the ethos of punk rock that made DC great. But there truly are some great, new, adventurous, bands that are resourceful. The Gift is one of those bands. I spent most of Saturday hanging out in West Philadelphia at a punk house filled with a few DC expatriates. There was a fantastic brunch and lots of people. I met punk rock dad Dan Yemin, and I only mention this because it was actually very cool to see a punk rock community of many different generations together in their neighborhood, interacting with this small child, and creating their own community. It was really great to be invited into that as a relative stranger. Philly treated me right.

I spent Sunday afternoon at the Philly Zine fest trading current issues of the zine. I got a lot of great stuff from a lot of great tables that I am very excited to read. It was nice to be in a room of full of like minded people. I got a lot of inspiration just from wandering around.

Anyway, click the photo and you can see more pictures from the show. Tried some new stuff. Not sure how well it worked.


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