I Like Music You Hate Music

Burning Love
Songs For Burning Lovers
Deranged Records

While on vacation, I had the pleasure of catching one show. I could have gone to more. I bailed on Cold Cave (not that interested) and Ted Leo (seen a million times). In lieu of indie rock hipsterdom I checked in on Coliseum at The Funhouse, which was by the Space Needle while Bumbershoot was occuring. As me and my bro emerged, The Thermals were playing. They are okay, but I was pretty stoked to see Coliseum. I’ve been a fan of Ryan Patterson since his Black Cross days and have been wanting to check out one of his bands live for quite some time. The show was fucking awesome. Lots of scum fuck dirty punks totally psyched on the show, thrashing their heads and being smelly. There was a totally hot chick with dreads and a Tragedy patch (shocker) that I fell in love with for five minutes. Coliseum ripped my fucking brains out, stomped on them, picked them off the floor and then ate them. It was fucking wild.

Opening the show was a Canadian band called Burning Love. Now, I am gonna be honest, I like them okay at the time, but I knew, as good and as intense as they were, Coliseum was gonna fuck their shit up and they did. But, I contend that they were really really good. The singer was all up in the audience and at one point jumped on the table me and my bro were sitting at and yelled in our faces, sweaty smell and all. It got me psyched on the band to say the least. They gave it their all and I loved them for it. But I was there to see Coliseum and well, they are Coliseum. Burning Love would have to wait.

By some happenstance, upon my return to my beloved Dixie, I found to my surprise that my eMusic subscription had renewed. I don’t know why or how this happened and am equally stooked that my next month is free, but it did. I decided to pursue their fumbly interface and typed in Burning Love. Not totally surprised I found their recently released Songs for Burning Lovers available for me to download. I went for it (due to bad math on my part I only was only able to download 6 of the 7 songs from Ludicra’s new album, oh I hate you eMusic and your weird pricing scheme).

When I saw first that this album was on Deranged I wasn’t all that shocked. The Canucks are releasing some good shit. We’ve talked about Young Offenders already, but they also have a new 7″ by DC’s new hero’s Give (which I want but can’t bring myself to pay 9 dollars for thanks to shipping costs so, Deranged dudes, get that shit on iTunes yo) and a great EP by the equally smelly and dirty Male Nurses. Burning Love are fucked up punk rockers in the vein of The Bronx, you know, only Canadian. But it’s hard to hold that against them because the rock and roll riffs with hoarse vocals are fucking sweet music.

Much like their tour mates Coliseum, Burning Love needs to be heard live. The record is loud as fuck, you can feel the warmth of the tubes in the guitar amps and the rumble of the bass head shines through, but the album does not compare to the fire and fury of seeing these stinky, smelly boys from the great northern tundra in person. The walls that surround their instruments are a bit confining. The singer is going balls out, but you can feel the tension in him, knowing full well he really wanted to smash the glass of the recording booth. Part of me thinks a poor recording ala Planes Mistaken for Stars Fuck With Fire, which sounded like it was recorded in a tin roof bomb shelter, might have done Songs for Burning Lovers some good. There is something to be said for getting the best, loudest, most powerful sound possible. But this album feels like maybe the boys took a shower with a garden hose before recording. It’s not what you would call polished and shiny, but the studio seems to have dampened them a bit.

I feel like I gave them a bit too much criticism here, because given the opportunity, I would definitely see these dudes again. They fucking rock the shit out of my face. If Duff McHagen hadn’t been such a pussy, Guns and Roses might have been this mighty and powerful. Sure, they would not have been the radio whores they were, but they would have made people want to fuck and fight instead of listen to that emo poet Axel Rose and wonder how Sasquatch learned how to play guitar. Burning Love aren’t interested in being loved, despite the spit shine applied in the studio. They are hell bent on total destruction of your life, face and efforts. They are very willing to get in your face and make you smell the farts and dirty floors they live in. More bands could learn a thing or two from these guys. You think you are tough shit, but you can’t compete with Burning Love.


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