Yo dudes, I am going on vacation for like ten days, starting today. I don’t know if there are any updates I will be scheduling between now and then, unless somehow I get my No Idea package before I leave, manage to listen to some of the stuff I got coming and if I get the Zomes tape and get a chance to listen to that (anyone know where my tape player is?). So you know, starting today, shit will be a bit quiet for the time being. You know, a mini sabatical. I will be chilling in the Great Pacific Northwest in the Emerald City. I think Hammel on Trial is playing, so that should be awesome. Not too sure what else I am going to do. Gonna look and see if there are any shows. I think my boy Geary is working for some of the time I am there. So you know, I am gonna have to self entertain. He lives around the corner from a bathhouse though, and Babeland, so that’s like ten to twenty minutes of hedonism I can get into.  So yea, thanks for stopping by. I need to get a podcast or ten up. I’ve been a bit slack ass about that shit. Podcasts are crucial. Atleast, I like doing them. Issue #4 is still available, like a lot. Tell yr friends about this blog, the zine, the podcast. Give me some love people. What’s up? Holler at yr boy. Listen to Magrudergrind, Shitstorm, ONSNID, New Idea Society, so much awesome shit. Also I need movie recomendations. Feel like I haven’t hit that up in a while. Thrash hard, new Zomes Tape, love your friends.


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