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It’s really, really late. I wish I was better about writing about shows these days. Last summer, I had an awesome time at Magrudergrind/Assholparade/Coke Bust/Sick Fix/Crucial Cause/Positive Noise. Well this year, Magrudergrind brought some sonic death violence love once again and tapped Shitstorm and DC’s own, soon to be dead (?) Death Rats. The show was in the basement of Smash in fucking Adams Morgan, which was totally fucking awesome. It was actually a really rad space. Totally perfect for shows like this. DC needs a punk space like this, one that doesn’t get fucked up. Anyway, Death Rats totally fucking slayed. I’ve only managed to see them three times and they get better and better every time I see them. They were fucking on point tonight. If they are dying, it’s fucking sad, because they are such a good band. Shitstorm, who are from Florida played and they face fucked the crowed basically. Totally spastic, grind/thrash. They left nothing to be desired, mostly because they ripped out hearts and fed them to beasts. And finally, Magrudergrind. This band is so heavy, so dangerous, so sonically intense, that it’s amazing that Adams Morgan is still standing. I can not get enough of this fucking band. They are the kind of band that should not play too often, because the shows are totally fucking special. Even though they are totally intense and unrelenting, once or twice a year in town is a good way to go. You must pick up their newest album. It will make you want to start a war against your loved ones. It’s that fucking good. Whatever, you missed it. Losers.


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