One Night Stand In North Dakota are AWESOME

One Night Stand in North Dakota (ONSIND)
Plan It X

I’m not gonna lie to you reader. I started writing this review before I left for a hardcore show. So I will probably finnish it after said show. So you know, this is not gonna be that great. Also, at work, they blocked the Plan-It-X website for being porno apparently. Prolly cuz it’s got X in the title. Idiots. What can you do?

But this is all besides the point, except for the Plan It X part. Plan It X is like my favorite label, right? I mean, I’ve deffinetley wrote about a lot of their releases on this blog. I’m a big fan. HUGE in fact and I don’t really give a flying fuck what you think about how I gush over them, because if you don’t love shit passionately enough to gush over it, well then what’s the damn point. I first heard One Night Stand In North Dakota from a split 7″ they put out with Ghost Mice last year. I honestly didn’t even listen to their side of things for weeks and weeks because I was way too interested in the Ghost Mice jams to really pay much mind. Boy was that a mistake. Because they are really great and their new album is fantastic.

ONSIND hail from The Orchard, Bury Me, Durham in England. It’s two dudes that play accoustic guitars and sing really loudly. They are the masculine counterparts to the Heather feminine. And much like Heathers, they blend and stir the lines of those two great musical powerfuls and have made a stunning new record, Dissatisfactions. Right from the get go, “Heterosexuality is a Construct” pretty much lets you know where the hell yr going, very clearly and very loudly. The hook at the end “Love is not a crime and I draw the color outside of the line/Love knows no gender and it’s about time you nailed you colors up next to mine” is so fantastic and powerful, ONSIND kind of blows their load a little early. The added female vocals and electric guitar solo make this a tough track to follow, but the Bury Me, Durham boys do a pretty good job.

In fact it’s the added elements througout the record that make this a pretty great album. While the vocals are strong and the leads are mixed well over the rythym strumming the duo bashes out, it’s the subtle moments of additional parts that makes this a strong record. Point of fact, the bombastic voices could get a little overwhelming and repedetive. But the boys know how to mix shit up.

We started by talking about the first track and so we will end with talking about the last track. Dissatisfactions is closed out by a somber-with-heroic-resolution tale called “I Could Carve a Better Man Out of a Bannana”. This is a pretty ditty about a young lady, driven to murder by the abuse of her father. I know, bummer right. But the triumphant gang vocals at the end yelling “I can hide the body/underneath the shed/where they won’t find him/no they won’t find him” is a pretty awesome, punk rock experience. Plus it actually sounds like a legit chorus, even though the linear notes indicate it’s just there bros and lady bros. The young lady gets away with the killing, thus saving her life and moving on. The album ends on a high note. Everyone is happy.

So, I lied. I made it through this entire review of this record before I left for the hardcore show. 598 words later, we’ve found a resolution. I feel okay about this review. Fairly objective (not really), touching on key points, got some lyrics in there for you to nash on, maybe get your appetite up. You know, deliver the goods. Point is, you should get this album. It’s Five bucks, just like they always are. In the mail. A CD, with art and lyrics and drawings and shit. Chris will probably even send you a catalog and a nice little note. He may even give you a drawing of his cat, Mr. Jefferson, who I have met. He’s famous. The cat I mean, not Chris. Whatever, just buy the fucking CD.


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