More Slow Economy Music

Dan Padilla
As the Ox Plows

Here at the korrupt yrself fbloggesphere we like to pride ourselves on giving our readers a little something extra. A little slap and tickle if you will (go watch Beer Fest right now). And so, as I know times are tough, the kids are cranky, pooping in the tub during bath time, husband wankin’ it to internet porn in the basement after he said he was “ironing”, and the in-laws are on their way up north 95 for a weekend visit while it’s hot, humid and stinky, I, your wonderful guide to the internet musics, am hooking you up once again with some raging, drunk punk rock.

There are a lot of bands like Dan Padilla. I mean, sometimes playing in a band is just about getting with yr bros or lady bros, playing CGE or some variant of that progression and singing about what bums you out. And then, cuz it’s awesome to get in a van and play for other drunken, bummed out, smelly dudes (a note here, dude, as far as I am concerned is a non-gender descriptive word for any person that you would want to hang out with, drink a beer or soda with, talk about comics,  skateboarding, video games, politics, music and unemployment, so lady readers, please include your self in this) you load yr shitty equipment in a van, drive a few hours, pouring water in the radiator just to make it to a cramped basement, where like ten people came and only three paid to see you because seven of them live in the house yr playing at.  That’s what Dan Padilla is for me. Just a band of dudes that I could probably hang out with that play songs I can tap my feet to and if drunk but still lucid enough would sing the one or two lyrics I kinda know loudly with the other drunk, sweaty people in the room.

As the Ox Plows is a perfect description of this album. It’s a hardworking, strong backed collection of songs, that doesn’t quit no matter the odds. It’s not flashy, there aren’t crazy riffs going on, the singer’s not some pavaratti of punk rock or anything and the recording is passable, but not sonically face punching. But none of that shit matters. It’s solid, fun song writing with enough subtle changes and songs that aren’t overbearingly long or complicated to not get boring.

Look, life sucks for a lot of Americans these days. Our government is totally out of control, doing idiotic, senseless things (lets bomb Pakistan instead of helping the flood victims, because in no way will that piss off even more disenfranchised youths who are being lured by radical assholes who are providing them food and shelter FOR FREE, yea, that shit will work. And I voted for you? Seriously? I am a moron), no one can find jobs in the cities they live in, families are torn apart because of this, houses aren’t worth shit, because lets face it the market is more important that having a homestead and hey, those poor banks need more money cuz those CEO’s got mouths to feed and hookers pay and bodies to get rid of. You need Dan Padilla in your life. They know you need them in your life, and like so many of their peers, they are giving away free music. You should check it out, just slap that spoiled child who is urinating on your leg. See, you didn’t even notice that a small human was peeing on you. Yr that preoccupied with the hardships and hard times. Let the punk rock ease yr mind.

New Bruises/The Measure [SA]
Split Release
Kiss of Death

Kiss of Death records is slowly becoming one of my favorite labels. Not only are they working to post ALL of their releases for free on the internet, they are putting out some sick fucking music. They totally fed my wanting desire for more music by No Friends (which incidentally you can also get for free right here) and for that I love then very dearly.

One of the other releases they offered up recently was the New Bruises/The Measure [SA] split release. I got into The Measure [SA] because I bought the double split 7″s they did with The Ergs on No Idea (my favorite record label). I honestly think they are perhaps a bit overhyped. When they cook, they are awesome, but for a punk band they have a tendency to make me very anxious. Now, having said that I am still looking forward to their new LP. On four songs, they get pretty crazy, even slapping out a shout out to Black Flag on “Ruby is A Punk” where they reapporpriate “Rise Above”.  It’s slick, fast paced, and moving music. I actually like the songs on this split more than the stuff on the Ergs. For a four song side, it’s a pretty concise whole. Splits have a tendency to just be a bunch of weird songs that were bashed out for the sole purpose of putting out a record with your bros and lady bros. This is not the case with The Measure [SA] side.

New Bruises, for their part are growing on me. I kind of feel like if I went into this split with an unbiased leaning towards either band I would have a higher interest in them. They certainly make for a good pairing. They are bit more aggressive and boy yelly, which you know, isn’t a bad thing. They just don’t give me a full on rager like the Measure [SA] side. They do exclaim that “you are the Metal in Metallica” on “More Metal (MCFNJ)”, so you know it can’t also be that bad. They also give a nod to Bomb The Music Industry, who gives away more free music than McDonald’s sells hamburgers (if only the world were that awesome) so you know, I would probably bro down with these dudes, take a couple photos at the shows, maybe check out another release. I’m not making any commitments here, but the initial make out session was nice, and I’m open-minded to further engagements.


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