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Aimee Argote is pretty much a rock juggernaut and a goddess. And I am not trying to be all fan boy or butt kissy or coy here either. Pretty much every time I see Aimee the following happens: I laugh, I loose my breath, I get my face melted off by her guitar playing, I get terrified that it’s all a dream, I get lit up by her awesome smiles. The rock version of des_ark has been far too scarce in the DC area over the last year or so, so when Aimee came with her band of merry men (no joke) well DC went silent as they WRECKED THIS SWAMP TOWN. My camera and me were not on great terms last night (I was ready to break up and the camera seemed okay with that, but we reconciled a bit today) and I didn’t get to capture the brilliance as much as I would have liked, but I still got some shots that I approve of. So it wasn’t a bust.

I’m chatty as hell on this blog tonight. I don’t care. Aimee slays it. des_ark have a new album coming out soon. Oh yea, I shot the cover. So cram yr fan boy accusations, ultimate fan boy!


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