Introducing Allo Darlin’

Sometimes, co-workers are not bad people. Most of the time they are self indulgent, loud, swearing, insufferable pricks.

Sometimes, co-workers are not bad people. Most of the time they are self indulgent, loud, swearing, insufferable pricks (what me?) who annoy the fuck out of you, stand in your cube, slap you in the ass and talk shit about your two year olds. Sometimes they are dorky indie rock geeks too old to get down, but had the pleasure of living in England and already had a predisposition for that sad bastard music from that cold, dreary and shifty island that believes they invented everything cool. Sometimes they turn your on to some really cool music, even though they don’t like Sabbath. Such was the case with my introduction to Allo Darlin’.

My cube farm compatriot, longing for the days when we are free from this hell, was hanging out on the YouTube and played me this cute video of this cute band for this equally cute song called “Polaroid Song”. It’s one of those very simple, infectious, pop songs that really doesn’t make you all fucked up and crazy, which is good between doses of Black Sabbath and Devour (two posts from now). We also found the kitchy track “Henry Rollins Don’t Dance” which name drops both Hank and his best bud since he was little Ian MacKaye. It’s a doofus inspired song, but god damn it sometimes music doesn’t have to be so fucking serious. Sometimes it can just be silly and fun. When it’s actually done with a bit of care and craft too, it can be down right good.

So tonight, I am chilling out to the seven songs from the singles that are currently commercially available in iTunes thanks to my scruffy looking nerf herder of an office mate. You know, sometimes you just have to take a break from thrashing and moshing and just lightly pogo or even just kick your feet up and chill out. The ukulele really helps facilitate the latter, while the clean and crisp guitars and solidly tracked drums get the beginning going. Bands across the sea seem to have a knack for at least cracking the radar over hear. The British Isles and even beyond actually still recognize that pop music can be made by pop bands and not manufactured by corporations who just shove fake tits attached to pre-teen girls in our faces. Do your self a favor and check this shit out. It’s not going to kill you. Look, I even embedded a video below. Instant gratification with no work on your part. The internet loves you.


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