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So many great, deserving bands just offer up the music at no cost, even though to them and to the small labels it does have a cost, a real, cash cost. And to make a good album sound good takes a lot of time, energy and talent. That shit, as awesome as it is, costs money.

Not Like This Cover Art

Iron Chic
Not Like This
Dead Broke Records

Before you get on my ass about what I said just a few days ago, you know where I said I was on hiatus and didn’t feel like writing records, let me take this opportunity to tell you to suck it. Okay, look, this is a blog, I am an emotionally charged, fairly impetuous, and highly non-committal idiot. I took as much a hiatus from this thing as I felt necessary. Besides, I am unemployed(ish), living at mom and dad’s (have I said this enough yet) and looking for the golden ticket where I become a rock writer and save your piece of shit life from the miserable drudgery that you exist in. And since it’s all about CONTENT CONTENT CONTENT and not QUALITY CONTENT QUALITY CONTENT QUALITY CONTENT on this fucking internet bullshit, well I gotta spit it out with enough frequency that people actually come back and read what I have to say. Grammar, spelling, lack of typos, punctuation, all that would help too. But I point you back to the impetuous nature I mentioned before.

Oh yea, you came here to read about records. Well, I was on my way home, thinking about economics and being  unemployed and music and started listening to Iron Chic’s first album Not Like This which the Long Island (?) band has released for FREE on their BandCamp Website before the final product hits the shelves (LP/CD and Digital(?)) next month. I checked the album out, cuz it was free. Like free free, not stolen free. The actual band actually posted their actual finished album on the internet for people to download for free. You know the album that they went into the studio to record, the studio that cost money. Or at least it sure sounds like it.

At first I was like oh yea, it sounds like ex-Latterman as the website advertises. Long Island is beginning to really develop a “sound” over the last few years. Those familiar with the likes of say Yo Man Go or the aforementioned Latterman bands will find then this Iron Chic will not really sound too out of left field for you. Quite frankly, if you like poppy music that is easy to listen to but still has a bit of passion to it then get this record, FOR FREE, because they want you to hear it and maybe come out to a show. The energy of this album actually reminds me of a Fairfax, VA band that made good. Yes the interesting Fairweather and their debut If They Move Kill Them is what comes to mind when I first heard and continue to enjoy this Iron Chic album. There are some similarities, though Iron Chic is a little less adventurous and complex then the FFX Crew was even this early in the game.

Either way, Not Like This is a solid debut. Yr gonna tap yr feet along to the solid beats and probably find yrself singing the lyrics just slightly too loud on the bus while yr on your way home, much to the chagrin of the pregnant lady, the dude from Texas and they sickly looking dude squashed between the two of them. His life sucks enough and your singing is not helping. But if he was reading this blog instead of being a miserable prick he’d have already downloaded the album. Maybe he’ll even go to a show. Not like they are playing DC on their tour or anything but…

Rumbletown Records

Did somebody say Latterman? Well that would be because, despite being from Olympia, WA, former Latterman bassist and singer Matt Canino is half the singers in RVIVR (pronounced Reviver? I think. Really, this is kind of a stupid name). Much like his former band mates, Canino would like people to hear his music. Dude knows that times are tough, funds are short and all the kids are fucking thieves anyway, so why not just let the masses have a crack at the rock and roll fun. And so, hear I am, once again coping some free shit and kind of enjoying it.

Much like his estranged, East Coast settled brethren, Canino’s new outfit is pretty damn familiar. It sounds stunningly like it was created within that same Long Island community. And yet the band exists on opposite ends of the spectrum. It’s clear to see that the effect these musicians had on each other runs deep. There was a certain way of thinking, a shared aesthetic that the former band mates had in common. RVIVR is, if at all possible, a little more straight forward. He’s joined by some awesome lady singing. I wish she was kind of up in the mix (I also wish I had more patience with the internet so I could find out her name) because she’s not quite as strong a vocalist as our boy Canino and I think it would help the dynamics of this band a little bit more. She takes the lead on “Real Mean” which is my favorite track on the album. It’s a real rocker. Like I said, they have a bit more traditional rock approach to them then Iron Chic. It’s a welcomed sonic element to their songs. A bit of Bruce, but not gushing over like The Loved Ones or Gaslight Anthem, but more tasteful like Ted Leo.

I hope there is some payoff for these two bands offering up music for free. As someone who loves to consume music at the rate that I do, I feel very grateful that, young, independent, touring bands are willing to offer up entire albums for free. I try my best to buy as many of these as I can and definitely try to go to a show if it’s local and buy a record (actual vinyl) or a t-shirt (if it’s on American Apparel – it’s a rule I have) so they can get to the next show. So many great, deserving bands just offer up the music at no cost, even though to them and to the small labels it does have a cost, a real, cash cost. And to make a good album sound good takes a lot of time, energy and talent. That shit, as awesome as it is, costs money. So props to Iron Chic and RVIVR for allowing me to check out your music for free. I am grateful for it. Get Awesome!


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