Maintaining a Pressence


Hey kiddies. Last night I went to a pretty awesome show. Finally got to see Lotus Fucker, hang out with a few people, watched my face melt off my head, ooze onto the floor and run away as Triac made a triumphant showing in Washington DC and generally had a good time. So, I am still kind of on hiatus. I recently sold my house and in the same week I got laid off of my job. Pretty gnarly. I am currently living in my parents house, which at 33 is a very strange thing. I have about 75 days left at work and then I am going to take my next steps. I am not totally sure what that entails, but that is life you know.

I am trying to put together another podcast for you folks. I have a few ideas for themes, which I want to try to keep with. I think it makes the whole experience a little more interesting, easier to do and focused. So the world should see some more activity here shortly. I am not really feeling like I want to do any record reviews that much right now. But I am thinking about trying to do more interviews with bands and stuff. I’ve been wanting to do that for a long time and now that a lot of the stress and other shit I’ve been contending with leading up the sale of my house is kind of melting away.

But at the heart of this is issue #4. I’ve been a bit lazy getting it out to the public. I am going to be sitting down here in a few minutes and start mailing out single copies to my friends. If you would like to distro them in your town, get in touch. Issue #5 is already in production. It’s going to be the biggest issue yet and it’s probably going to take a long ass time to get out. I am hoping to get two interviews in there, one with photo contributions from someone other than myself, which is totally awesome. It’s also going to have a cover drawn by someone else. So you know, I am pretty damn proud of that shit.

So, thanks for sticking with me. I know I am totally unreliable, emotional and moody for a rock and roll wanna be writer. But you know, music makes me happy and I gotta say I miss concentrating on the blog and podcast. But I want to get better and better at what I do.

Keep it real, buy vinyl, share out of print records with your friends, go to shows, play music for your kids, dance with people, fall in love with as many people as you can, read Douglas Adams, try to be as cool to everyone as possible, always want to learn and get better.

Mad Love



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