Pee Tanks Pro Fun 7″

Pee Tanks
Pro Fun 7″
Sneezeguard Records

After years, literally more than a decade of searching, I have finally found someone who had a ripped copy of the Pee Tanks Pro Fun 7″. Because I am such a nice guy, and because the internet has failed my ass for so long, I am posting this for you to enjoy. It is out of print. Hell, members of the band don’t have ripped copies to share (so far as I have found) and so I offer it to you the glorious public for your loving desire. You can get it here. Forever. And Ever. And Ever. God Damn.

I also found Havana 3 AM this weekend. The other grossly out of print album I was looking for. I will post that for download shortly as well. But not today. Enjoy the Pee Tanks. They are amazing.

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