Episode 14 – The CD Store

This week’s podcast explores music purchased at the CD store. Mostly used stuff was found here. I love the used CD Store and want dearly for them to survive. So this is an homage to such lovely edifices around the world.

Brought to you by  the Korrupt Yr Self Department of Recycle Reduce RE-FUCKING-USE

All Hail Music!
Scale Climbers Revenge – No Choice
The Only Church I Know is a Used CD Store
School of Assasins – Crispus Attucks
Hands of Time – Shelter
Static Void – Deep Sleep
Sleep Comes Early for Your – Twelve Hour Turn
False Pulse – Trapdoor Fucking Exit
$3.99? Are you fucking shittin’ me?
Dead City Hates the Police – Tradition Dies Here
We Aint Even Married – Young Pioneers
She Said – Scratch Acid
Born of Fire – Slayer
Carry Me – Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
You Never Know What You Might Find
Happy Sad – Pizzacato Five
Sine Wave – Mogwai
Women R Dogs Too – Morphine
In Love This Way – Descendants
TheKindaMzkYouLike – Girls Against Boys
The Rules of Used CD Shopping
Cheterfiled King – Jawbreaker

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