Episode 13 – Mythical Creatures

This weeks episode is all about Magical Creatures featuring songs about Unicorns, Monsters, Gargoyles and all kinds of crazy shit. You will be frightened by zombies, snuggle with vampires and fly on the wings of a dragon (but sadly not with Dio). So sit back, pop open a nice beverage (non alcoholic for the kids and straight edge grown ups) and be taken away to a magical land.

This week’s episode is brought to you by KYS Care of Magical Creatures, Just Like at Hogwarts, Jerk. Tell your friends.

A Blood Curtling Introduction
Vampires – Sevens
Zombies are Pissed – Latterman
Sea Witch – Narrows
Dragon Lady – The Germs
The Unicorn Odeyssey – Falcon
Fearless Vampire Killers – Bad Brains
I Had My Eyes Gouged Out By A Fucking Unicorn
Unicornicopia (I Love Nico) Miss TK And The Revenge
Dragon Queen – Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Scream Phoenix – Canibal Ox
Wonderful Witches – Thurston Moore
Monsterpussy – The Vaselines
Really, you played a song titled MONSTERPUSSY, wow.
Productive Vampires – Rachel Jacobs
Seabeast – Mastodon
New Monster Ave – The Mountain Goats
Werewolf – Cat Power
Walking My Gargoyle – The Gothic Archies
A cry from a magical cat says it’s time to go
My Body’s a Zombie for you – Dead Man’s Bones


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