Episode #12 – The Voice of God

This week we bring you another themed podcast, “The Voice of God” where we play songs that are about God, invoke God, have god in the title of the song or album. We only talk about God a little bit in this episode, after all if Hitchens and Dawkins taught me anything, it’s stupid to have a monologue on these things. But anyway, this was a really fun podcast to do. Going through all the songs and records that had God in the title was really interesting. In fact, I have more songs and albums with God in the title then I do the word fuck, but that can be attributed directly to Johnny Cash I think. But I think God still edges out Fuck by a small margin. That’s kind of telling in a way. Despite being a raging something akin to an atheist or a religious anarchist,  I find it very fascinating when musicians invoke God. You will find some skeptics, Atheists and a  believer too. The fact that Ian Makaye sang on a spiritual Hymn written by Lungfish is also telling that even art made by weirdos in the essence of God can be awesome. I might not agree with that nonsense (clearly) but there is something beautiful in that art. Without further ado, I present Episode #12, “The Voice of God”.

Opening Sermon
Spiritual Healing – Dalek (From the Filthy Tongues of Gods and Griots)
Who is this “God” person anyway?
Oh My God – Ida Maria (Fortress Round My Heart)
Green Cell Grey – Ned’s Atomic Dustbin (God Fodder)
God Song – Bad Religion (Against the Grain)
In the Shadow of God – Hope Conspiracy (True Nihilist)
God Bows to Math – The Minutemen (Double Nickles on the Dime)
God isn’t Dead because imaginary creatures can not die.
Oh My God – Pink Featuring Peaches (Try This)
Too Many Goddamn Bands – John Doe (Freedom Is)
God Bless America – Joan of Arc (How  Memory Works)
Touched by the Hand of God – New Order (The Best of New Order)
Prayer to God – Shellac (1,000 Hurts)
God as an expression of language.
God is Dead – Leatherface (The Stormy Petrel)
God’s Will – Lungfish (The Unanimous Hour)
On Belief – Douglas Adams (an excerpt from The Salmon of Doubt)
No God – Darkest Hour (Eternal Return)
Burning Monk – Blacklisted (Heavier Than Heaven, Lonelier Than God)
Moral Majority – The Dead Kennedy’s (In God We Trust Inc.)
Modern Expressions of the supernatural are boring as fuck and further perpetuate the poisonous ideas of the individual as hero. While religion is the result of community, it is the worship of a figurehead and divides their own flock. Also Greek Mythology and Norse Mythology are way better stories to read anyway. So Fuck That Shit.
When The President Talks to God – Bright Eyes (Motion Sickness – Live Recordings)

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