Episdode #11

After a short Hiatus, We Give you Herpes
Smash Hits – Kid Canaveral
So, now that we have our STD results back, lets share with the group. Billy, how did you fail an STD test?
Race to the End – Police and Thieves
An Unforgivable Invasion of Privacy and a Complete Betrayal of Trust (I Wish You Wouldn’t) – The Gift
Real Mean – RVIVR
Dullards and Dreadful Prose – The Measure SA
Gimmie the Wire – Ted Leo
Now, that Billy has been sent to the principal’s office, lets talk about prevention. Jimmie, licking the floor is not a method of prevention. Jesus, you kids are idiots.

Said Gun – Embrace
Anger Means – Ignition
Anything Tribal – Branch Manager
Letter to Raoul Peck – Black Eyes
Solidarity – Scream
Okay Class, now what Jimmie did was not good, so we suspended him from class for the next three da…oh for fuck sake, Christan, get the fuck down from there, now, no now. Fuck it, I quit.
Parasites – Bankrobber
Buy/Sell – Thank God
Unanswerable – Night Birds
Back in 84 – Ceremony
Free Your Self – Striking Distance
Hello Boys and Girls, I’m your substitute teacher. My Name is Mister…oh for the love of god. You, what’s that kids name? Timmy. Timmy, put that back in your pants right now young man. That is not appropriate. No, that is not…we don’t do tha…no…no…Timmy. I am gonna beat your ass…oh for the fuck of sake….
Jay’s Big Date – Brainworms

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