Oswego/The Dismemberment Plan – Fort Reno (2000?)


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I don’t remember what year this show took place, but it was one of only a handful of times I shot the D-Plan, and not too good effect. There is a photo I have of me and Mary Chen dancing on stage during this show. I am wearing a Discount t-shirt, not that you know that (or even get to see that photo), but it puts the year in context. Oswego was amazing this night. I think it was the only time I saw them.

Episode 13 – Mythical Creatures

This weeks episode is all about Magical Creatures featuring songs about Unicorns, Monsters, Gargoyles and all kinds of crazy shit. You will be frightened by zombies, snuggle with vampires and fly on the wings of a dragon (but sadly not with Dio). So sit back, pop open a nice beverage (non alcoholic for the kids and straight edge grown ups) and be taken away to a magical land.

This week’s episode is brought to you by KYS Care of Magical Creatures, Just Like at Hogwarts, Jerk. Tell your friends.

A Blood Curtling Introduction
Vampires – Sevens
Zombies are Pissed – Latterman
Sea Witch – Narrows
Dragon Lady – The Germs
The Unicorn Odeyssey – Falcon
Fearless Vampire Killers – Bad Brains
I Had My Eyes Gouged Out By A Fucking Unicorn
Unicornicopia (I Love Nico) Miss TK And The Revenge
Dragon Queen – Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Scream Phoenix – Canibal Ox
Wonderful Witches – Thurston Moore
Monsterpussy – The Vaselines
Really, you played a song titled MONSTERPUSSY, wow.
Productive Vampires – Rachel Jacobs
Seabeast – Mastodon
New Monster Ave – The Mountain Goats
Werewolf – Cat Power
Walking My Gargoyle – The Gothic Archies
A cry from a magical cat says it’s time to go
My Body’s a Zombie for you – Dead Man’s Bones



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I am attempting a 365 project. The goal is to take at least one photo a day. As I am in the process of moving, not sure how well this is going to work out over the next few days, and also not sure how much is going to get out of the house, but we shall see. Currently, I am on day 15. Check back often. I will try to blog this now and again. Word.


Korrupt Yr Self the blog and podcast are going on a much needed hiatus. There are two more podcasts in the wings and will (should?) auto post over the next two weeks. After that, I am taking a much deserved break from podcasting and record review writing and other such things. I do not have an anticipated time of when I will return to these things. It may be three months, it may be a year. So, you know, sign up for updates and shit and you will know as soon as I do.

Issue #4 of the zine remains abundantly available. If you want one, write me an email at goodgovernor @ gmail.com and I will happily send you one for free. I will still have email.

If you get updates from this cuz yr my facebook friend, in 60 days you won’t be able to. Facebook page is going bye bye. the Twitter account will remain.

Finally, before I go, I want to talk about Plan-It-X records, a label I have talked about quite a bit in the past. Chris Johnson, one of the founders and long time operator of the label has been one of my biggest inspirations over the past year of my life. In June of 2009, Chris moved to Cairo, IL, a small town at the mouth of the Mississippi and Ohio rivers, has a population of less than 4,000 people and has a depressed economy. Chris bought a building, renovated it and tried to open a community space and coffee shop. His dream was that he could get all the punks and weirdos and people who just don’t want to be a part of society to move there and start their own thing.

Recently, Chris and his other small band of merry friends decided to hang it up. He writes about it at his website Plan-It-X.com. To many, this might read like Chris failed. And measured in terms of everyday, capitalistic, money hungry, consuming bullshit, it is. But that was not what Chris wanted to do. And even though it is time for him to leave and return to Bloomington, IN and resume doing some of things he loved doing, and start doing new and exciting things he’s always wanted to do, I think of Ace of Cups and a success. Chris took a chance on a dream and put his life into that dream. He did it at great financial cost (something that weighs way too heavily on almost every American, whether we want to believe we live in such a stable economy or not) to himself, and sacrifice of many other aspects of his life. But the point is, Chris took a chance. Most people don’t dare do that in life. Like me, they get out of college, find some job that pays okay, get married, have kids, buy a house, grow varicose veins and fucking die never having the gumption to dream, to live, to grab life by the balls and say FUCK YOU, I DO IT MY WAY.

Over the last few years of my life, I’ve learned that trying to smash my life into this mold of consumerist comfort doesn’t work for me. There isn’t any thing at my fingertips that makes me a better person. There is no adventure, no excitement, no risk and no daring. Today I made a decision that, financially, was very difficult. But it’s time to turn these cards in and cash out. It’s not what I hoped for, but I will make it work somehow. There is a great deal of liberation, and the stress and tension is quickly fading away. It might turn out okay. Maybe not as I planned, but it might turn out okay.

I know I have urged you a thousand times to go visit Plan-It-X.Com. But I mean it. Go there now, listen to some of the music, find something you like, sit down, write Chris a letter and send him $5 for a CD. It won’t be around forever and you will be missing out on something very, very beautiful. Something that is quickly dying in our culture. Not the exchange of commerce for goods, but the investment in something beautiful, loving and wonderful.

Quit your job, burn down your house, throw a brick at a banker (myself included), and go on an adventure. You are never too old for that.

Peace from all of us at the Korrupt Your Self Corporation for World Domination, LLC, INC.

“What the fuck, fuck shit up” – Chuck Dukowski

Episode #12 – The Voice of God

This week we bring you another themed podcast, “The Voice of God” where we play songs that are about God, invoke God, have god in the title of the song or album. We only talk about God a little bit in this episode, after all if Hitchens and Dawkins taught me anything, it’s stupid to have a monologue on these things. But anyway, this was a really fun podcast to do. Going through all the songs and records that had God in the title was really interesting. In fact, I have more songs and albums with God in the title then I do the word fuck, but that can be attributed directly to Johnny Cash I think. But I think God still edges out Fuck by a small margin. That’s kind of telling in a way. Despite being a raging something akin to an atheist or a religious anarchist,  I find it very fascinating when musicians invoke God. You will find some skeptics, Atheists and a  believer too. The fact that Ian Makaye sang on a spiritual Hymn written by Lungfish is also telling that even art made by weirdos in the essence of God can be awesome. I might not agree with that nonsense (clearly) but there is something beautiful in that art. Without further ado, I present Episode #12, “The Voice of God”.

Opening Sermon
Spiritual Healing – Dalek (From the Filthy Tongues of Gods and Griots)
Who is this “God” person anyway?
Oh My God – Ida Maria (Fortress Round My Heart)
Green Cell Grey – Ned’s Atomic Dustbin (God Fodder)
God Song – Bad Religion (Against the Grain)
In the Shadow of God – Hope Conspiracy (True Nihilist)
God Bows to Math – The Minutemen (Double Nickles on the Dime)
God isn’t Dead because imaginary creatures can not die.
Oh My God – Pink Featuring Peaches (Try This)
Too Many Goddamn Bands – John Doe (Freedom Is)
God Bless America – Joan of Arc (How  Memory Works)
Touched by the Hand of God – New Order (The Best of New Order)
Prayer to God – Shellac (1,000 Hurts)
God as an expression of language.
God is Dead – Leatherface (The Stormy Petrel)
God’s Will – Lungfish (The Unanimous Hour)
On Belief – Douglas Adams (an excerpt from The Salmon of Doubt)
No God – Darkest Hour (Eternal Return)
Burning Monk – Blacklisted (Heavier Than Heaven, Lonelier Than God)
Moral Majority – The Dead Kennedy’s (In God We Trust Inc.)
Modern Expressions of the supernatural are boring as fuck and further perpetuate the poisonous ideas of the individual as hero. While religion is the result of community, it is the worship of a figurehead and divides their own flock. Also Greek Mythology and Norse Mythology are way better stories to read anyway. So Fuck That Shit.
When The President Talks to God – Bright Eyes (Motion Sickness – Live Recordings)

Episdode #11

After a short Hiatus, We Give you Herpes
Smash Hits – Kid Canaveral
So, now that we have our STD results back, lets share with the group. Billy, how did you fail an STD test?
Race to the End – Police and Thieves
An Unforgivable Invasion of Privacy and a Complete Betrayal of Trust (I Wish You Wouldn’t) – The Gift
Real Mean – RVIVR
Dullards and Dreadful Prose – The Measure SA
Gimmie the Wire – Ted Leo
Now, that Billy has been sent to the principal’s office, lets talk about prevention. Jimmie, licking the floor is not a method of prevention. Jesus, you kids are idiots.

Said Gun – Embrace
Anger Means – Ignition
Anything Tribal – Branch Manager
Letter to Raoul Peck – Black Eyes
Solidarity – Scream
Okay Class, now what Jimmie did was not good, so we suspended him from class for the next three da…oh for fuck sake, Christan, get the fuck down from there, now, no now. Fuck it, I quit.
Parasites – Bankrobber
Buy/Sell – Thank God
Unanswerable – Night Birds
Back in 84 – Ceremony
Free Your Self – Striking Distance
Hello Boys and Girls, I’m your substitute teacher. My Name is Mister…oh for the love of god. You, what’s that kids name? Timmy. Timmy, put that back in your pants right now young man. That is not appropriate. No, that is not…we don’t do tha…no…no…Timmy. I am gonna beat your ass…oh for the fuck of sake….
Jay’s Big Date – Brainworms

KYS Issue #4

Yo, Issue 4 is DONE. It goes over a year in the life of me and thinking about skin cancer, Death and my friends. It also has some photos and has facts about skin cancer. It’s 20 pages and I’m really excited to have it. If you want one, drop me an email with your address at goodgovernor@yahoo.com and I will hook you up. Wanna leave them around your town? I will send you ten.

Thanks for the support. Podcast #11 is going up tomorrow for you. Thanks for being crucial to KYS. I appreciate it.