All You Do Is Take And Take

Dear faithful blog readers. There will be no podcast this week. Sorry. This weekend was crazy and then I went to a baseball game with my dad, got heat stroke, need to do laundry. So no podcast this week. If all goes well there won’t be a lot of activity on this blog over the next few months. I will still try to do podcasts, but fingers crossed, things will work out as they should and I’ll be really busy with some other stuff.

So in the meantime, you should visit This Machine Kills Cancer and read about our friend Shayne Miel, creator of Future Kings of Nowhere. After you read his story of fighting cancer and beating it’s stupid ass you should visit If  You Make It, who are hosting Shayne’s debut album for free. Or you could not be a prick and donate money for the music so Shayne can continue to be a Machine that Kills Cancer. I did it. You should too. Don’t be a squeeb.

Also, it was pride weekend in a bunch of cities. So you know, be proud of being GLBTQ, that you know people like that, have loved ones and family members. Remember ALL religions hate gay people and therefor their theologies should be taxed so they are forced to pay for social services that even those they hate can benefit from them. Least we forget the discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation, race and since most of them don’t let women be preachers, sexual orientation in their hiring practices. Assholes like Fred Phelps still exist. We’ve come a long way America, we got a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG way to go still.

That’s all I got. The O’s won, 4-3. It was a good game. Camden Yards is a great place to relax in the First World away from First World Stress. Remember, there are like billions of people who got it way worse then you do. Be mindful. Recycle. Watch Build to Shred and learn about reusing and tools. Gonna go get my shit together soon. Keep it real.


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