KYS Presents Episode Ten – The “FUCK” Episode

Brought to you by the Korrupt Yr Self Church to the One Holy Scripture, One Word Long: Fuck. All Praise the Beautiful Word! Find it here.

A Fucking Intro
I Like Fucking – Bikini Kill
Welcome to another fucking episode of the Korrupt Yr Self Fucking Pod Cast You Sloppy Fuck
I Think We Should Fuck – Dead Teenagers
Hard Fucking – Tenacious D
Bravo, Another Beautiful “Fuck You” Song – Paint It Black
Mope Is A Fucking Piece of Shit – The Most Secret Method
Fuck on Off – Getaway Car
Where’s the Fucking Lyric Sheet – Guyana Punch Line
Home Fucking is Killing Prostitution – Guyanna Punch Line
Fuck This and Fuck That and Fuck That Dude With a Fucking French Hat
Thunderstorms Still Make Me Want to Fuck – A New Spelling of My Name
Fuck The Kids – NOFX
Fuck the Kids II – NOFX
Fuck the Kids (Revisited) – NOFX
Fuckuturn – Kid Dynamite
Fuck This, I’m Out – Off W/Their Heads
Go Fuck Your Self – Hammell on Trial
Who the Fuck – Now Sleepyhead
Fuck, is that stupid fuck still fucking talking? Fuck Me.
Don’t Say Motherfucker, Motherfucker – Turbonegro
Slack Motherfucker – Superchunk
Fuck the Border – Propaghandi
Bottom Line: Fuck You – Ruiner
Well, I’m sorry to say, but this is the end of the show, and I’ve never been more sad to say good bye. I really and truly want to cry because I enjoyed my self so much with this episode.
Fuck this Shit – Belle and Sebastian


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