David Combs in Color

David Combs in Color

Originally uploaded by goodgovernor

The Max Levine Ensemble, Hot New Mexicans, Shitty Darkness
Washington DC, 6-17-2010

My camera and I do not appear to like this space anymore. After getting some pretty good shots at the Good Luck show a while back, I’ve been unhappy with my photos over all from this space. Defiance, Ohio was packed and hard to get a good shot off and my auto focus was acting up (though I prefer manual focus, I don’t like this feature on my current lens). The show was amazing, but I didn’t get a lot of clean shots and when I did, I didn’t like the framing.

For this show, I was just not in a good mood with life and that affected my picture taking abilities. I had the run of the room for Shitty Darkness, but I just felt stuck. It’s hard shooting a new band, whose music you don’t know. Then Hot New Mexicans was kind of the same. I really wanted to get into it, but I was just so grumpy and my camera was not playing nice with me. I’ve been messing with the zoom feature on my lens and shooting things at without a flash. Just experimenting and had some okay results.

When TMLE came up, I was psyched. The four photos you see here I am really happy with. But this is about 4 out of forty. I took 85 shots this night and I don’t like that this is all I have to show for it. But TMLE did not disappoint. They were so good. The new songs are getting really tight too. So much so, I am actually thinking about getting a ticket for the Anti-Flag show. We shall see


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