Episode AteAteAte

Episode #8 is brought to you by the Korrupt Yr Self Department of Hating Your Personal Jesus. This podcast was particularly filled with technical difficulties. But here it is regardless.

Body Cop – Don’t Move
Angry, Insufferable Prick Talks Needlessly
Who Goes There? – Y’all ever seen Up In Smoke?
A City Safe From Sea – Understudies
The Mercury Program – Stand and Sing
Russian Circles – Malko
Cold Cave – Life Magazine
In all seriousness, I fucking hate people who call and don’t leave a message in this day and age. It’s totally fucking rude and it makes me think you are a total fucking asshole.
Promise Ring – Tell Everyone We’re Dead
Bridge and Tunnel – NewDialoguenewdialogueNewDialogue
The Delta 72 – On the Lam
Superchinchillarescuemission – Storied Faces and Bad Tattoos
Engine Down – Songbird
People who talk to people are the most unlucky people in the world so shut the fuck up and listen to these songs.
Severin – Catholic Girl
Leatherface – Eat Her Face
Black Elk – Hold My Head
Des Ark & Ben Davis and the Jetts – Brientology
The Butchies – I hate.com
For the love of fuck is it over yet?
Bald Rapunzel – Three Weeks


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