Am I the only one who finds Irony in all of this

No one saw Minor Threat in a basement as their first show (except maybe Amanda MacKaye and actually I think it was the Teen Idols and she was Ian’s sister so she isn’t the norm) and was like, “I want to do that”.


So it seems that The Pixies, Elvis Costello, Klaxons and Gorillaz have all canceled performances in Israel in response to the recent raided humanitarian aid flotillas. Though it’s not completely clear in the few reports I’ve read, it seems that these are political protests. Now, I am confused by this. I am not going to pretend that I have even an intelligent understanding of the Israel/Palestine situation. But I do know that the military industrial complex of the United States, as well as the quasi-business/capitalist complex of the US heavily supports the whole Israel army, violence action against Palestine.

So I wouldn’t say my views are necessarily Pro-Palestine/Anti-Israel so much as Goddamn-the-United-States-sure-has-a-goddamn-infuriating-knack-for-sticking-it’s-violent-heavily-armed-cock-in-everyone’s-ass. And this is precisely why these decisions by these meta-rockers to not play Israel out of “political concern” baffles me. If anyone is a sidearm culprit in the ongoing violence in Palestine/Israel, it’s the United Fucking States. I don’t care if what side of this coin yr on, if you don’t think the United States shares a ridiculously big share in this whole mess, then yr denying public record. Take a gander at UN voting and business receipts from Halliburton, Lockhead-Martin, Bobcat, Boeing and god knows who else and you can see that the US is ass fucking shit up. So why not boycott the United States?

Oh that’s right, because that’s the fucking cash-cow that keeps everyone afloat in this capitalistic nightmare. Look, there are shitty people in Israel, Palestine and the United States that want to do terrorizing, violent, destructive, evil (and I don’t mean like Sam Raimi Evil Dead type shit), horrifying things to other people. But for all those butt fucking, power-hungry, low self-esteem cock swingers, there are millions of people who just want peace, and thousands who want to do it by rocking out. The Pixies were a “college rock” band, back when such a term was relevant and somewhat descriptive accurate. But there were terrible shitty jocular assholes that liked Doolittle and probably also sexually assaulted women and beat up other “art fags”. Did the Pixies stop playing colleges then? Fuck no, because over all, most of their fans, on some level are pretty cool. Especially those who bought Trompe Le Monde and didn’t bitch too much because it wasn’t as awesome as Surfa Rosa. Also, it just flies in the face of reason. Israel not hearing Plastic Beach is not going to stop the military and crazy politicians from being assholes and racist and evil and shitty. They don’t fucking care about your band Damon Albran. Stupid 30-year-old dudes who grew up on Blur and chicks in their 20’s who think yr cute do. They do not make public policy in their country so far as I know. Frankly, if yr not so jaded after multiple listens to Park Life that you actually want to be in politics, then yr fucking crazy.

Conversely, new solo artist Frank Turner said about his recent trip to Israel to perform that, “It’s not at all clear to me that, even if I did unconditionally condemn the Israeli government (which I don’t), I shouldn’t play shows there. The shows were organized by private citizens without any state involvement, and I’m not in the habit of judging individuals by the actions of their government.” I don’t believe art and music are completely without self-interest and totally altruistic. It’s aesthetic beauty, but even the most indie, punk, OG underground “art fag” wants to be heard by as many people as possible and make a living off of their music. We don’t do this shit out of purity. We aren’t even inspired to do it out of purity. No one saw Minor Threat in a basement as their first show (except maybe Amanda MacKaye and actually I think it was the Teen Idols and she was Ian’s sister so she isn’t the norm) and was like, “I want to do that”. No, most of us saw Poison in Circus Magazine, or Wham on a late night video by accident when our baby sitter was making out with her boyfriend and neglecting us, or .38 Special at a state fair in a parking lot on a trailer and was like “I want to be that guy” (girls don’t nearly have this experience as often as boys, mostly because it’s hardly ever a woman on stage doing that and therefor it might not resonant as deeply and that’s a whole other post). It isn’t until latter we find out Poison were womanizing dudes, Wham was a manufactured pop group that wasn’t any good, and .38 Special are crazy racist rednecks (authors note, I don’t even know anything about .38 Special, just saying…) and that music is about more than “rocking out”. Though, honestly, not much more.

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