Podcast Se7en – Less Brad Pitt, More Morgan Freeman

This week brought to you  by the  Korrupt Yr Self Society of Titty Inspection, Breast Cancer is a Motherfucker. Find it Here. Because I am still sick as shit and because I do these a week in advance there might not be one next week. Was hoping to do some interviews this weekend but also, because I’ve been sick I didn’t get a chance to prepare and I am not going to any of the awesome shows I was gonna go to. Get over it and listen to this podcast twice.

Chew Gum, Worship Satan
Mike Doughty – The Only Answer
If I could be sincere for a moment, I miss you Clark Sabine
Statehood – Giants
John Frusciante – Fall Out (Live)
Braid – This Charming Man
fIREHOSE – Down with the Bass
The Zeros – Sneakin’ Out
I Slot Flady Florhall
Faeires – Two Boddhisattvas
Magrudergrind – Heretics
Ryan Adams – Nervous Breakdown
Tom Waits – T’aint no Sin
No Time For Love Dr. Jones – Clerks Soundtrack
The Ergs – NAMBLA Grey Area
Ego is a dangerous thing, that’s why I smack people
Melvins – A History of Drunks
Fat Lip – Freestyle
Andrew Jackson Jihad – Unicorn
Avail – Observations
Olympic Death Squad – Short Sleeve
Fairweather – Young Brash Hopeful
Oh, is our time together over? Damn, I fucking hate you anyway. Shit Dick.
Propaghandhi – Gamble


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