My God We Have a Podcast

It’s not quite like those other fancy podcasts that those other people on the internet have, but it will be eventually. For now, download the inaugural episode here.

This is what you will hear:

Turboslut – Running In My Family
Break #1
Life Crisis – Steady Decay
Grabass Charlestons – Gone Fishin’
Shang A Lang – On The Road
Majority Rule – 49 Words
Aghast – Empowered Cowards
Break #2
God Head Silo – They Walked In Line
Zhenia Golov – Eyesore
Yo Man Go – Healing Factor
Los Gatos Negros – Raw Hide
Deathrats – Sense of Entitlement
Break #3
Kill The Messenger – Unconscious
Minutemen – The Anchor (live)
Pig Destroyer – Treblinka

total running time 29:50 (weak)

Episode #2 will post next week. If you know anything about RSS feeds and how to get these so you can download them from iTunes, let me know.


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