2010 – The Year to Suck Eggs

At least for this hapless blogger, 2010 is shaping up to be a shitty year for music. The second month of the year comes to a close tomorrow and I can count on no hands the number of new releases I have purchased thus far. I can count on one hand the number I am looking forward to. We’ll talk about those soon. That there is nothing on the horizon, at least that has come to my attention make me sad. Music is a growing form of expression. And though I love a lot of “old” music (and lets be frank, there isn’t much music made before 1970 I do listen to, so old is relative), music needs to grow. But in the last few years I feel that music has declined. Bands take less risk, fit more easily into genre molds, shoot not for artistic grandeur but commercial success, katowing to the rise of a new era. But if you think the blogs of the world would pay homage to The Minutemen, The Clash or even the Pixies and especially the early workings of Sonic Youth were they to be born today you are mistaken.

So there are a few records I am wanting to get my teeth into. Beauty Pill, the master works of Chad Clark are said to have a slew of releases this year. There is a rumored 12″ EP thought to be close, the release of the music from suicide.chat.room and allegedly another LP. I’ve even seen the possibility of two LP’s being released. All of this is speculative based on the poetic tweets of Clark but if any of it is true I will be on that shit immediately.

Sacramento hardcore outfit Trash Talk are to be releasing a new album, Eyes and Nines. This record was recorded by one of the dudes in The Bronx and if it’s anything close to the last album, I’m stoked. I hope they flex out a little bit more. I don’t think they need to get too crazy, but I enjoyed “Revelation”, the four minute opus from their self titled outing in 2008.

And lastly, des_ark are releasing a new album this year. This I actually know for a fact. The shit is done, mixed and waiting only on artwork to be completed. The eight song collection, titled Don’t Rock the Boat, Sink the Fucker is going to be unreal. The quite stuff was recorded by Jonathan Fuller who handled the boards for the split with Ben Davis and the Jetts. The loud stuff, which features former MMMBrains member Ashley Arnwine on drums, was lovingly captured by hardcore bro Kurt Ballou. Seriously, this album is going to fuck up your life in the best way possible. This record can not come out soon enough.

If you got anything you think I should check out, drop me a line. Otherwise I am gonna listen to a lot of Funkadelic and the Minutemen. Fuck shitty safe music. It’s total bullshit. Listen to The Watt from Pedro Show. That shit will blow your fragile little mine.

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