Fuck you snow

Unlike so many other people in the DMV, I actually have to work from home during this. Should be an interesting day today, for there may be no snow left to shovel, I have pulled muscles in both my right leg and right arm and feel completely fucked. But the pain is so minimal now because des_ark has released a new song from her most recent WXDU performance. This recording is AMAZAZING and the song is totally fucking beautiful. This comes correct with news that both the WXDU performance AND a new full length are shortly on the horizon. If Aimee doesn’t rip at yr heart strings then seriously, you have terrible emotional problems.

If you head on over to Day Trotter you can check out three new No Age songs. These are brand spanking new. I must say, they are really getting there shit together as a band too. The latest EP Losing Feeling released last year is leaps and bounds over Nouns in my humble opinion. They have reigned in the excessive noise, retained the lush chorus induced distortion and made some great new songs. Check that shit out.

Finally, the most prolific band out of Long Island has once again drop some serious pop punk/ska infused rockery upon us. Yep, Bomb the Music Industry is fucking BACK again with, take a breath, Adults!!!..Smart!!! Shithammered!!! And Excited By Nothing !!!!!!. I think I got all of the exclamation points. Probably not. Who gives a shit though, because they do not undercut the excitement slapped in your face. It’s free, but you can pony up and donate to the boys if yr feeling up to it, which you should be.

Alright, well I am gonna go fucking die now from excruciating pain and then go hack at my work computer and attempt to get caught up. Fuck the snow. Winter is bullshit. Being cold and wet sucks. Thank goodness for a three day fucking weekend. To all you people that work for the government, thanks for getting me a job, assholes!

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