TerribleTumors – January 2010 Recordings

Omnibus Snowstorm (1:20)
Prior to creating this song, I was creating instrument profiles in Garage Band. This was a direct result of this. I smashed out a chord on the keyboard and was messing with the octave buttons on my MIDI controller. I liked the chord, so I recorded it, sustaining it as such for 1:20 seconds. I came up with the melody based on the chord. I tried a few different deviations with it, but ultimately ended up with the simple progression that ended up on the track. I really wanted a beat in this song, but it had to be very subdued. I managed to play with some of the sounds and came up with a great, simple kick/snare combo beat that I think sits just far enough under it, that it’s unobtrusive nature actually makes it central. I added a reverse cymbal crash to give it just a bit more texture. I thought about getting a bit more complex, but figure that this track would serve as a nice segue or interlude between some other tracks. It was snowing out when I started this track. But Ominous Snowstorm sounds like a stupid title. Omnibus sounds more interesting.

Brett Easton Ellis (3:34)
I follow Brett Easton Ellis on twitter. I am waiting for an announcement for his new book. On the day that JD Salinger died, Ellis’s reaction was less than mournful. I am not sure how I feel about that. JD Salinger wrote one of my favorite books, Franny and Zooey. I’ve explored most of Ellis’s work over the last decade. I really enjoy the first chapter of Lunar Park. The self awareness and self satire are quite entertaining. This song sounds nothing like what I think Brett Easton Ellis represents in literature however. Mostly he was on the brain while I was creating it. The only analogue instrument on hear is the bass. It employs the open E I enjoy utilizing. The drum beat includes some “other” sampled sounds included with my drum machine. It is these sounds that I specifically hope to import from my own sources soon. This song for me, punctuates the limitations of the tools at my disposal where “Omnibus Snowstorm” illustrates the possibilities.

Crucified the Womb (3:54)
This goes from being a mellow bit of riffing to a bright explosion of notes. I also utilize part of a riff as a breakdown, which I enjoy. It’s economical. Something I learned from the Minutemen, the theory, I don’t mean to suggest this song is reminiscent of their sonic qualities. I do think there is a bit of Sonic Youth in the end. Also, after listening to Joy Division today, I am beginning to see some subconscious influence in their approach to the drums. Lungfish, The Minutemen, Joy Division, thrifty music makers who make some of the most interesting and intense music ever. Also, this song has some happy sounding guitar playing. This type of music is coming from a part of me that I just don’t quite understand. So yea, I had to call in “Crucified the Womb” because that shit sounds evil. Actually, I think it’s an interesting concept, crucifixion, and how it is used in language today. We seem to use it as a way of exalting someones innocence.

Janice Ate My Brain (3:32)
I am not sure if I like this song. I doubled the drums on two separate tracks utilizing two different kit sets and two different types of effects applied. This song was more of an excuse to play with that. I wanted to play with some technical ideas and this is the result. The song isn’t that great and I don’t think I succeeded in melding the two drum tracks.

3 Eyes and 32 Faces (3:11)
This song has been around for a while. But I hated it the way I was playing it. Then, when cleaning up files on the computer I found a sketch demo. Something in that demo made me try again. I changed the rhythm guitar parts to fit into a 4/4 beat and added some guitar parts. Also came up with a bass part that I really like. My tube preamp always comes through. All the bass and guitar I record goes through that. I actually prefer it to using an amplifier. This song also has vocals, they are pretty much about nature and human kinds assumptions of dominance. The title comes from a story I heard on The Moth, a story tellers podcast. It was a story by a young man from New York who was growing up gay and dealing with his family that didn’t accept him. He said that when he dressed more effeminate his brother looked at him like he had 3 eyes and 32 faces.


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