Vic Chesnutt

So, technology is weird. On Christmas day I got a tweet from someone I followed talking about Vic Chesnutt being possibly dead. And then my twitter account kind of blew up. And it was really weird. Granted I should have spent less time looking at my stupid phone, but death will draw yr curiosity.

I’m not even going to lie and pretend I was a fan of Vic Chesnutt. I had downloaded a few sampler songs his label was offering when is newest album, At the Cut was released last last year. I liked what I had heard and the record was on my list of stuff to purchase. But I slept on it. I also slept on his October 30th show at the Black Cat, even though the chance to see Guy Piccioto in action again was highly appealing.

And now he is gone. Which is a shame because his music is amazing. He’s on the level of Elliott Smith in terms of emotional impact and craft. It seems he was one of tose artists totally under appreciated by the public, but other artists really made the connection with him. I wish I could have experienced more of his career first hand, but he has left this world.

I urge every one to check him out. There was a great piece on NPR about him in which Piccioto, along with Micheal Stipe and Jem Cohen, talked about this man. At The Cut is his latest release and it’s truly a stunning album. Thanks Vic for the tunes, even if I found them just a bit to late.

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