Fuck the Internet

Like jerking off just for the orgasm.


Fuck the internet. I don’t have anything else clever to say. This is the blog for the zine Korrupt Yr Self. It will feature random shit, maybe extended interviews. Works in progress or works that just don’t quite make the zine. Maybe it won’t feature a fucking thing. Who knows. I only made this for people who want more information if they find the zine. I am making life convenient for them in the era of instant gratification. Like jerking off just for the orgasm.

Blogging is all instantaneous, actually making a zine takes time. I prefer actually making a zine, the original blogging. But you know that involves, time, care, creativity (both in writing, production and distribution). Blogs are essentially vomited out. Even good blogs don’t consider layout, production, distribution. Some get out in the world better than others, like zines. But most blogs are bullshit. Fuck that, all blogs are bullshit. Digital media sucks.

Oh, look at the little cry baby. Any way, currently issue #3 is still, somewhat available. You can get it by mail. For free. Just send me yr address to goodgovernor@yahoo.com. I am currently at work on both issue #4 (which will be out if I ever get the interview I am looking for) and issue #5 (which will be out when I write more stupid crap, get stupid crap from other people, and generally figure out that shit). Oh, you care. Why thank you. Turn off the internet, go read a book.

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