Tons and Tons of New Music

Man there is so much music I want to write about. This is gonna be a very different post. Right now I am listening to Spoonboy. He was in Europe over the last 7 weeks. He came home and played a show this week. I went to it. He has a demo of new songs. I love it. There’s a lot of Lou Reed type lyricism. Especially on “Not Coming Home”. Find Spoonboy. He’ll hook you up.

A few weeks ago I got Music for the Motion Picture Where the Wild Things Are credited to Karen O and the Kids. The songs on here are great. It plays pretty well as an album. It’s very playful and bright. A lot more uplifting then the movie really. But I think it fit. “Capsize” was a rad song not in the film. Highly recommend this jam.

Suicide Squeeze Records released Russian Circles new album. Holy mother of our floored, Geneva is fucking amazing. Drummer Dave Turncrantz is on some Neurosis type shit. Fuzzy bass from Brian Cook that rattles my car windows. Hints of Explosions in the Sky, but it’s more of a nod then an influence. I don’t like the sequence, I feel like that needs to be played with, but that’s a lot easier to figure out in the digital age.

Another eMusic discovery was We Were Promised Jet Packs. Label mates to The Twilight Sad, they are a bit more rambunctious. The album falters at parts, but over all it’s a fairly strong debut.

Delay would probably be bigger than Green Day if there was any justice in this world. But there isn’t. There is however a new Delay album out on Plan-It-X called Plain Language. A notch up on the recording tip, probably one of the best sounding PIX albums ever released. You will bounce off the walls.

Actor Ryan Gosling has this musical project called Dead Man’s Bones. It’s decent. It’s not quite as stunning as I had hoped for. It could use a little more Waits influence I think. A better recording, it just feels a bit subdued. Some what similar to The Gothic Archies record “The Tragic Treasury: Songs from A Series of Unfortunate Events”. That album was awesome. This one could use another pass.

Also bought the new Strike Anywhere album out on Bridge Nine called Iron Front. It sounds like a Strike Anywhere album. The snare drum is not nearly as annoying as on all their other albums which makes it their most enjoyable record. Way better than Dead FM which I can’t even listen to because the drum mix is so fucked up. Flight of the Conchords offer up their likely swan song with I Told You I Was Freaky. Some of the songs I don’t even remember from Season Two, but “Sugar lumps,” “Too Many Dicks On the Dance Floor” and “You Don’t Have to Be a Prostitute” are instant classics.

Finally, another Plan-It-X album. Stressface put out an album called “Oi…You’re Welcome” a few years ago. It’s got some Avail influence to it. The dudes run No Idea Records which is where you should buy most of your music if you can. This record rips it. It has a song about a dude that looks like Captain Lou Albano, rest his soul.

Man, that’s a lot of music. I think I covered most everything since last time. What a relief.

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