Antlers, The Catalyst, Magnetic Band

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sometimes you just need to be reaffirmed in life. Tonight was one of those nights.

This morning on the way to work, I forgot my computer, so I had to turn around and get it. Now, I don’t mind being late for work. At my age, after all the years I’ve been going to the same job, I could careless. But I hate sitting in traffic. Sitting in traffic and listening to Heathers sing “Waiter” which is a song basically about feeling like a fucking zombie and wondering when time, which will not wait for you, will kick in to gear and life will start again. Yea, when yr in a metal box going zero miles an hour, fuck it, shit is lame.

So going to see some of Richmond’s best at my friend Gideon’s house on a Thursday night was no fucking joke. First up, the Magnetic Band, Gideon’s new project. They were fucking out there. Total noise jam shit. Dudes were having a good time and a good time setting the mood for a house show is very necessary. I hope in this town, a band like The Magnetic Band can find an audience.

Following them was The Catalyst. It’s been a few years since I last saw this band and boy have they gotten AWESOME. They were pretty fucking good before, but now they are amazing. They have sort of come into their own, taking the Nirvana and Sabbath riffs and making them into something more their own. They have adopted a more post punk stance, but they still know how to have a good fucking time too. I need to get me a copy of their last EP, but the new album Swallow Your Teeth is pretty fucking bitchin. Get it, you will not be sorry.

Antlers is another band I haven’t seen in a while. I don’t think they’ve played DC since the last time I saw them. They have also gotten seriously tight too. They played a batch of new songs that are just as fierce and powerful as their debut album. They also added a new bass player who seems to add a bit of a sonic gut punch that makes them all the more dynamic.

The photo you see here is of Christian Brady of Antlers. It’s the last shot of the night, and I think one of the best I took. Check out the rest of my flickr page for more awesome shots. Music is awesome. You should listen to some of it right now.


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