Magrudergrind/Asshole Parade and More at St. Stephens Church, Washington DC

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This Friday I went to an awesome hardcore show. I am not the biggest fan of hardcore music. I think there are some great bands, Trash Talk, Paint it Black, Eating Glass, Blacklisted, but over all it’s not my thing. I feel a bit too old at shows like these anymore. This rings especially true at hardcore shows where the audience is generally younger than your average indie show. But I totally didn’t care. I knew the week was gonna be kind of tough and that some smashing, crazy, loud hardcore would be good for me. It was a lot of fun. Following is a quick rundown of what I saw:

Positive Noise: A thrash, skate punk influenced band from Michigan. These dudes are pretty dedicated to paying respect to the old skool sound, but they defiantly don’t mind letting go a bit.

Crucial Cause: This band was great. They are from Oakland, CA and sound exactly like some of the first punk bands I had ever heard growing up in Sacramento. A great old skool west coast sound.

Sick Fix: These locals I think are underrated and could have easily headlined this show. I guess they are a newer band then Magrudergrind but they were totally awesome. The opening instrumental song was fucking amazing. Lady singer, great tight playing. Can’t wait for an album by this band.

Coke Bust: Fast, loud and lots of jumps. The kids love them.

Assholeparade!: Old dudes can still play thrash music. I was really into watching this band. Not a tone of movement but an awesome onslaught of noise and short musical bursts. Rumor has it after 14 years they are putting it to bed. I hope not. Some of the dudes are in Religious as Fuck and Dead Friends. Awesome bands.

Magrudergrind: I haven’t seen a grind band this good since Pig Destroyer. They were loud as fuck. A little more rudimentary then the Pig Destroyer kids, but no less brutal and no less loud. The kids were going off and their new CD is fucking triumphant.

So there you have it. Another good show for the books. Too bad you weren’t there. Get awesome, live trying.


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