Vinyl Review #1

It is pretty much a shame that I am writing about vinyl records on the internet. It makes me incredibly sad. It is not made any easier by the fact that I am doing it while listening to Paul Baribeau is playing over my speakers. But I have recently decided to re-enter the world of analog buying after a good five year boycott on vinyl. Which means there are a lot of records I have missed out on. I think it was the CD collections of The Make Up and Discount that pissed me off. I owned pretty much all those singles by both those bands. What the fuck? That was before the internet too. Those CD’s just made those pieces of vinyl feel worthless.

But the hum of a slab of vinyl can not be beat. I have denied that in the past, but listening to “The Rolling Clouds” makes me eat those words. This is Paul Baribeau’s contribution to this split 7″ with Your Heart Breaks. It is a very beautiful release. Black and White line drawings and the record is white vinyl. It feels almost sacrilegious to be pressing the needle against these beautiful groves. This song is Paul Baribeau’s magnum opus. It’s gotta be three minutes at least and it’s really sad and subdued. If this is the new direction his output is heading I am intrigued. The song is amazing as expected. The reverse side is Your Heart Breaks with “Torey Pines”. It is a soft rocker with a little more instrumentation. It’s reminiscent of early nineties pop. Sorta Vaselines or Beat Happening-ish. The sleeve lists Kimya Dawson as a contributor. A nice poppy track.

I also received today a Bomb the Music Industry/Laura Stevenson and the Cans split 7″. This piece of wonder is from the awesome people at Kiss of Death. Bomb the Music Industry is perhaps one of the most consistent bands I have ever heard and they do not disappoint. Their original contribution “This is my Bailout” is pretty flippin awesome. Do they break new ground, no. Is it quality music like they always deliver? Fucking right. They also do a cover of Laura Stevenson’s “A Shine To It” throwing her bedroom pop through their filter and making it a fun party song. It’s got a bit of do0wop swing to it and I think an accordion as well as some bells. Stellar times as always. Laura Stevenson is not my cup of tea. It’s not bad music by any stretch, but I can’t really say it grabs me and that’s a shame. She offers a version of BtMI’s “It Ceases to be Whining if you’re Still Shitting Blood.” It could be your thing. It’s just not mine, but I don’t feel let down or anything.

Pink Razors are probably the best pop punk band since The Max Levine Ensemble and I finally got their Rorschach Records seven inch. It’s only three songs, but they are awesome. It was recorded sometime in 2006 and shows the growth from their first release Scene Suicide and foreshadows their fantastic Waiting to Wash Up. The A-Side offers up “First Degree” and it’s probably my new favorite Pink Razors song. The B-side offers two more awesome tracks. It was supposed to have a digital download but the site is no longer there. I guess that’s what I get for getting on this band wagon three years too late. Whatever, glad I got this. Buy all of their stuff. The new album just got pressed to CD by No Idea and is available on iTunes.

Two weeks ago I picked up the Pizza/Tideland split 7″. I think Mike Taylor (who plays in Pizza) put this out. It’s pretty weird and not what I expected at all. Pizza reminds me of Sebedoh from back in the day. That Mike Taylor is in this band doesn’t surprise me. Tideland is pretty noisy and somewhat a-Tonal and dirty sounding. Both bands are definitely paying homage to the grunge/Seattle/90’s indie rock years. Sorta scary music, Tideland gives me the chills. Pizza just trips me out. It doesn’t sound like Sebedoh I should clarify, it just reminds me of their weird records.

Finally, in my package today I got Chris Clavin’s newish album The Roads Don’t Lead Home, The Roads Lead Everywhere. It’s kinda like his band Ghost Mice’s Europe CD both in approach and style. Each song is about a city, he tells some sort of story from each of these towns. Of all his “solo” stuff I have heard so far, this is his best in my opinion. The song writing seems a little more rehearsed and precise. Also the sound quality is pretty top notch. It’s a well mastered piece of vinyl and considering dude probably recorded this on his iBook on Garageband, it says a lot about the whole approach to the album compared to some of the Captain Chaos stuff. If you are a fan of Chris’s work then you will fall in love with this album. I did very quickly and know I will be listening to it quite a bit over the next few weeks.

I ordered most of this stuff from No Idea Records. It only took a week and a half to get them by media mail which is pretty good, even if I did get antsy. All in all it was like 22 bucks, plus I got the new Cometubus (which I never read before) and a free single (which is good but unidentified). I think I want to try to do this once a month. I will write about it here. I am really stoked about this stuff. I hope you check some stuff out too.

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