Slingshot Dakota

Slingshot Dakota put this album out last month it seems. I wish I could say I was on the first wave bandwagon, but it is my sincere hope that after posting this blog post on my blog where I post stuff that other people will get into this band. Comprised of Keyboards and Drums with a lady and a dude that both sing, the Matt and Kim references are not that unfair in that both bands totally fucking ROCK with what would appear to be minimalist instruments. (To be fair I think that DC’s highly over looked Aquarium was the first keyboard/drum duo as they have been kicking it low-key since 2001). But the set up of the band pretty much ends the comparisons between Brooklyn’s finest. Slingshot Dakota are driving melodic post hard core breakdowns but they reveal the poppy prettiness of it all. Carly Comando soars rather then yells or barks. They grew up on punk rock, pop, early nineties emo, all the good music no one is listening to. But no doubt they will infect your soul should you allow yourself the sinful injection.

The band is full on DIY, releasing their self titled album which you can pay pal order through their myspace site. If funds are tight though, pick up their new three song demo at If You Make It. It features their cover of Fugazi’s “Waiting Room” which wins the Franconia Station award for being the one and only band that has successfully covered and there for is allowed to cover a Fugazi song. They don’t quite adopt their own melodic leanings to the track, which after hearing more of their music is a bit of a shame, but it’s a fun cover and sounds totally awesome.

So deffinately check out this band. I know you think I am a fucking dick nob, but no joke, this shit would slay even the dickless fucks at Pitchfork. Luckily it’s too DIY and off their radar. Remember you heard about them here first. Check out the videos below.

Slingshot Dakota Waiting Room

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Slingshot Dakota – Until the day I die from If You Make It on Vimeo.

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