A Lot of Ground to Cover – Lets Go!

Paint it Black
Bridge 9 Records

Pretty much after New Lexicon last year I figured it would be a while until I got to check in with my favorite hard core band. But I guess the new line up is really clicking and Paint It Black drop five fast and furious songs on the public. Amnesia doesn’t fuck around and though it’s only five songs, it’s kind of rad to have a band contain themselves a bit by a classic format. This of course is classic hardcore. People seemed to love Paradise (which I too think is awesome) and if you thought they couldn’t do it again Amnesia will prove you wrong. 5 songs, ten minutes. This band is brutal. We get chugga chugga verses, hooky break downs and a three minute thirty one second epic closer track, “Bliss” where the band has hit a peak. There is a promise of another joint in September from this session. I personally can’t wait. Those two releases combined could easily make for a “Record of the Year”.

Lotus Fucker
Answer – Bloodwashed Noise

I have this friend John Seager who plays in this band. I never get to talk to him because I lost his phone number in some old phone and his emails get bounced back to me. But I saw him earlier this year and he told me he was in this band called Lotus Fucker which is the greatest band name ever. I found their demo online (not sure if this is sanctioned boys so sorry if it’s not) and it fucking rips. I wish I was better tapped into the sludgy, dirty, way under ground side of punk rock. You know bands that don’t have myspace pages and put things out only as demos or 7″s because Lotus Fucker is amazing. They actually make a lot of other heavy music sound boring and reserved. Parts noise, parts old school hard core, Lotus Fucker deliver. One of these days I will run into John again and maybe even get to see this or one of the other nine bands he’s in. He still owes me a copy of Agahst’s Deformed Frogs record that came out forever ago. I need to get unlame and start buying vinyl and get hip to the scene.

Street Sweeper Social Club
Self Titled
Some Major Label of some sort

Look, I really did not want to buy this album. The curiosity got the better of me. I mean shit, Boots Riley from the Coup dude. I love the guy. And I always feel like maybe one day Tom Morello will live up to his potential. I rocked Rage Against the Machine when I was in high school. I’m not gonna front on that. But that dude has been pulling the exact same riffs for 15 years or more now. Tom, fucking work this shit out man. Basically this was probably gonna be a new Rage album, but every one else balked so Tom got Boots to rap over his distortion funk music. I love hearing Boots Riley and he doesn’t disappoint in this context, but not even he can make Mr. Morello’s music sound new and exciting. 15 year old kids who think the world sucks will be way into this, and if Boots can show them the light, I can’t harsh too bad on it, but this was definitely an impulse buy and not something I endorse at all.

Various Artists
nd Record
No Idea

You can download this sampler of new music released or distributed by No Idea records. If you’re looking for some new punk rock bands then this sampler might help you find something new. Dear Landlord has a new song from their debut album Dream Homes (which I pre-ordered and still haven’t gotten – grrr), there is also a song from Pink Razors which is off their album that No Idea is issuing on CD. Tracks by No Friends, North Lincoln, Screaming Females (who are gonna be huge next year) and some other stuff.

Sonic Youth released their 10 billionth album The Eternal which features the first time Thurston and Lee sing on the same song. It’s not as awesome as I hoped, but after 8 trillion years, it’s about time. Pretty much if you love Sonic Youth you”ll probably be into this album. It has some nuances as usual and some of there most energetic music since Dirty. I’m not totally blown away on the experience, but it’s consistent with everything they’ve been doing over the last decade. Pick it up if your into this sort of thing.

Mos Def also dropped some new science with The Ecstatic which actually is a good complementary album for The Eternal and because they were released on the same day I have been listening to them together like some nice binary star type thing. If I had more time, energy and brain power I would probably dissect the two together but last time I wanted to do that I went crazy and couldn’t write on my blog for a month. Any way this album is pretty solid and has some wicked shit going on. Dude samples some Bollywood tracks on here. Talib Kwelli makes and appearance over one of J-Dilla’s finest beats, as does Madlib on a few tracks, including “Whaid” which is a great fucking song. This shit should be played at parties and in your car. Get into it.

Lastly for this week I want to steer people towards Statehood. Last week the world lost Clark Sabine to an intense battle with cancer. Clark was an intelligent, intense, funny and amazing person. I have said a lot of words about this dude to a lot of people. The loss I feel in my life because this man is no longer on this earth is very intense and I think a lot of people feel that way too. I knew him only peripherally through the DC independent music scene, but he was such a kind and passionate guy that his energy being taken from this small planet is immense. While Clark was known locally for his antics with the short lived, and underrated Motor Cycle Wars, Statehood was the beginning of Clark blossoming into a full on force to be reckoned with. Their debut album Lies and Rhetoric was self released late in 2007 is an energetic explosion that only hints at what this band would have been capable of. There are more fitting eulogies for Mr. Sabine, this barely touches on the man, but for anyone out in the world who reads this blog I urge you deeply and passionately to check out Statehood in honor of Clark. You will be missed dear friend.

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