Bike Punk Day #47

It’s been raining a lot in Dixie. It kinda sucks. I feel like I should move to Forks and take advantage of stupid teenage girls by pretending to be a vampire. I mean if I am going to have to have my life ruined and my emotions fucked with by rain I might as well ruin other lives too. So I haven’t ridden my bike much over the last few weeks. Last weekend was really nice, but I moved some friends to a new apartment so that pretty much killed it for me. This weekend however, the rain was supposed to let up so I made a plan to wake up kinda early, check out the movie times at the closest theater to me and make a plan to ride.

After my last post, my friend Blake told me to ditch the water bottle (I didn’t), get a Chrome bag (which I did) and welcomed me into the world of biking. I jammed some books into the bag, my keys and wallet and hit the road. I decided today I would explore the mostly forgotten bike trails that exist in the massive subdivision landscape that exists across the street from my house. I gave my self two hours to get to the theater and eat some food. I wasn’t sure if I should eat and then ride or not. I seemed to do okay with it. But those trails, well they are a little advanced for me. You see I resemble more a bean bag then a human being with my rotund mid section. The shit jiggles when I ride and the extra weight is hard as fuck to pull up hills. So after the second massive hill I just walked up the steady incline for about ten minutes. Next time I do this I’ll take the straightforward way. Even though it’s shorter I need to build up to the hard shit.

I got to the theater in about a half an hour. This is three times as long as by car. But I actually felt good. I watched the marquee and saw that Hangover was playing. I had set out to watch Drag Me To Hell but it was a half hour later and I figure I can go see it my next weekend and plan a little bit better. The Mediterranean place I wanted to eat at was also closed (LAME) so I went to a sandwich shop where I spent way too much money for not that much food. But it seemed to satisfy my basic need and I got to waddle through a few pages of The God Delusion.

Hangover was good after I finally go through the endless commercials and previews. All of which I forgot. It was so damn long wading through that crap that I actually forgot what movie I was seeing. I started to relax and laughed my ass off from beginning to end. Todd Phillips does well with the genre and getting some lesser known comedians to pull out great performances. I hope my Vegas trip in July is just as fucked up.

After the credits rolled, I clanked my buckle against all the plastic chairs and headed out for my bike. As I made my first pushes up the small hill I realized my legs were kinda sore. I am probably gonna hurt like a mother fucker tomorrow. Worst still I have to go into the office. But I have already decided that rather then drive I am going to bike to the metro and take my bike around Arlington for a bit. I’m still pretty terrified of cars. Some asshole in an F-150 making a left turn into my path didn’t give me the right of way that was clearly mine. This is suburbia too. All my veteran bike friends are probably rolling their eyes at me now, the visions of being doored, sideswiped or nearly killed by maddened Metro Bus drivers fresh in their heads. I know I know, I am a rookie, but those stories had an impact on me. I try to be a more cautious driver. Plus, I purposely bought a bike to drive less. So that rather then going to the movies in my car, I have to kinda work for it. I feel more satisfied by the whole experience. Even the chain store sandwich and Fiddy Cent promoted Vitamin Water tasted more lively after my ride.

If I am feeling feisty I may ride to the library today. I doubt it though. I enjoyed the outdoors fully and I am fully sweaty and resembling jelly both in appearance, movement and feeling. Plus I just dominated a beer while I wrote this. I must undo what ever it is I do. Such is life. Biking is fun as shit though. The dropping hill I took, the wind slapping my face and the water splashes from the puddles I ran over was a sense memory I had abandoned. I will not grow old. I will not give in. Fuck that shit.

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