A Free WIlliam Elliot Whitmore Show and other fun stuff

If you go here you can download a free live show of William Elliot Whitmore. If you recall this blog post I spoke very highly of this man and his newest album Animals in the Dark which I recommend to no end. If that were not enough for you, Whitmore did a second session over at Daytrotter. He covers “Don’t Prey on Me” a Bad Religion song from Recipe for Hate penned by Anti records label head Mr. Brett who was smart enough to sign my Whitmore. The first session is available here.

Also, Pitchfork is getting funny. Or at least more funny in a haha sense these days. First they have a great story about some band called Wavves (that is not me misspelling the name either) having a meltdown in Barcelona. I enjoyed this story on a personal level as I too once had a meltdown on stage (well it was at a roller rink) in Ocean City many years ago. Musicians are stupid.

Also they are currently hosting a video by a metal band called Children. The guitar shredding is pretty awesome, but the lack of bassist leaves something to be desired. However the video is pretty awesome. Not quite as rad as Mastadon’sDivinations” video that I told you about. But it’s pretty cool. Peep it below.

So that’s what I have for you this week and today. Expect a review of the new album by Paleface soon and a new feature that I hope to call “Song of the Week” where I talk about a song that I obsess over. Oh yea and I will be working on a post about albums I bought because I read an article about the group or performer or whatever. Hope you are awesome.

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