I Paid for Internet Music

Here at Franconia Station we pride ourselves on giving you dear reader links to free/donation based music from time to time. Well here I am again for you dear readers. Hopefully you checked out Mike Hale last time. If you haven’t, you should. It’s a very descent release and a song on it may end up on my top 5 for the year.

So the other day I had this dream that involved Indie Rock Goddess Juliana Hatfield. The dream was weird as fuck but I took it as a sign and went to the local used CD store and picked up any and all used albums of Ms. Hatfield’s available. They happened to be her debut Hey Babe and her most recent How to Walk Away. Anyway, all this Hatfield got me thinking and I checked out her web site. It seems Ms. Hatfield offers a lot of music on there for donations. So, for the first time ever since Radiohead, I donated $5. I downloaded all the songs available (as opposed to her suggested price of .99). I have not listened to any of them yet so I can’t speak to them, but if you are at all interested in what the pop princess has been up to, go hook her up. (as an aside I just want to publicly propose to the Ms. Hatfield and let her know that I can play bass in her backing band but will not, under any circumstances impede on her creative process. Were talking backing band only. So you know, just throwing it out there.)

So the decision to pay for Juliana’s music led me to think of all the great music I have copped for free at Quote Unquote Records over the last few years. So I was feeling guilty at this point and headed on over there to make a pay-pal donation. Happy I was to find that Bomb The Music Industry! has released there first singles collection Others Others Volume 1. So I dropped another five dollars through Paypal and downloaded the awesomeness. So, please, I urge you now, if you haven’t checked out this fun loving band, please do so NOW!

Finally, my day of web surfing brought me to Liza Kate. Liza Kate makes songs on her guitar down in Richmond that I love so much. She has a new album coming out on Holiday for Quince records in about a week or so. In the meantime you may get yourself acquainted with Ms. Kate by downloading a seven song live set hosted by RVA News. Once you hear that order her new CD from the label that loves you the most this year.

So that’s all for now folks. If you can give to these artists that offer music, do like I finally did and hook it up. I know you can’t always do it, but try to chip in as much as you can. These people work hard and it’s kinda awesome.

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