Rattle Do

I have been listening to an inordinate amount of Team Dresch the last few days. This is a good thing. Any regular reader to this blog (of which it is said there is only on average one reader per blog, and that is the writer, but I don’t have time to read this shit) should have a pretty good idea of how important I find Team Dresch. Today, as I was walking to my car I had a fantasy where in all the songs they released on singles were suddenly remixed and remastered and released on CD by Kill Rock Stars (Tobi Vali if you are reading this, or if someone who IS reading this knows her, TAKE NOTE). Then I could properly listen to Hand Grenade (which I was happy to find featured on the film The Itty Bitty Titty Committee) (here I go with the parenthesis again) on my iPod since my vinyl copy of all their singles I have suck and can not properly be converted digitally.

I’ve also really gotten into The Kills lately. Allison Moshart from my beloved Discount is the singer of this band. When they first kicked out the jams in 2003 I couldn’t really get on the band wagon. But now, for whatever reason I get it and really like the fuck out of this band. I just bought Keep on Your Mean Side today. Allison is a spot on vocalist and she has such an awesome, vintage delivery on this album. It’s weird though because she does sound so much different then she did in Discount, but unsurprisingly, no less vital.

My original thought as I was driving home tonight and thinking about all of this was to sort of talk about how influential and important the women of these two bands are to me. I am not sure if my brain can handle it as it responds to the pain shooting from my bank, but I will give it a try. Allison, for her contributions in Discount and now the Kills is that of an artist that, to me exists in a different world. She speaks in a unique language not unlike the chaotic art work of Jean-Michel Basquiat. It’s crafted from a connection to the world around her that taps in at different channels then the rest of us. As for Team Dresch, well what can be said about four women who get together and make art out of sheer need. Everything they say, weather it’s something that I have experience directly, or ideas that seem to make sense, just resonates with me so deeply. I really truly don’t know what type of person I would be without Personal Best and I suggest every one pick it up.

I will end this hopeless post by stating that I am seeking the following:
any albums by Jonathan Fire Eater
The Pee Tanks Pro Fun 7″ (still) and Picnic with your Mom (actual cd, I have several back up copies of this)
Anything you would think I might be into.

Hope you are well



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