Crisis of Non Faith

On Saturday I turn 32. This normally isn’t the type of age people think of as a milestone, but for me it is. I graduated from college ten years ago this May. Since then I have done a lot of unusual things, things that I didn’t necessarily think I would do, and things I am not really sure I should have done. Lately, as anyone unfortunate enough to be a friend of mine on ye old social network site, I have been feeling largely at odds with the universe. Perhaps it is karma kicking my ass left and right, trying to knock me off my stubborn seat.

The fact of the matter is I don’t have faith. And while we are going to get to music in a minute this is an important point. Faith to me is a very frightening word. It feels like a suspense of reason in that word. So, because I don’t have a magic afterlife or a personal savior or any of that stuff, I have to rely on humanity. Humanity has been failing me a lot lately. I see a world that doesn’t feel familiar to me. It doesn’t feel safe, or smart, or nurturing. I see a lot of people hiding behind screens, texting, tweeting, blogging, updating facebook pages (I am guilty of this stupid shit too) and generally being self involved assholes with no accountability for the stupid, ignorant, and down right mean shit they do. It’s getting a little overwhelming.

But as always, the universe continues to give me clues and hope. This week, as I stare down another birthday, trapped in the adult world of mortgage payments and passive-aggressive shit heads, the universe gave me a sign. His name is Mike Hall.

Mike Hale used to play in Gunmoll, a band on the awesome Gainesville, FL label No Idea Records. He now plays in a band called In The Red somewhere in California, I think. Earlier this month Mike quit his job as a carpenter to play music full time. Mike is just a regular guy, like so many other people , who just has a dream of playing music. Currently, he is crossing back and forth around the globe playing music as much as he can. Dude is chronicling his life basically at in the colum For Those Still Standing. Also, as if that wasn’t rad enough, Mike has a new album out that you can check out for zero dollars here. The dude is on tour and if you have a chance to see him, please do. At 34, Mike Hall is an inspiration to everyone. He’s turning his back on convention and doing what he believes in. To me, that is as revolutionary as you can get.

Mike is currently featured over at the awesome DIY site with a video on the Pink Couch featuring the title track of his new album “Lives Like Mine”. I have embedded it below.

Mike Hale – Lives Like Mine from If You Make It on Vimeo.

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