We Interupt this blog for an important public service announcement

We regret to inform you that we are currently offline. It appears our brain has ceased to function in the ways necessary to write about music. We are a bit overwhelmed at the moment by life, the universe and everything. We are sorry we could not bring you planned contents such as “Supporting Caste vs. All I Ever Wanted” or a reflection on Run DMC being inducted into the hall of fame (editors note: Raising Hell was the first tape I ever bought with my own money). Unfortunately we have hit what is called a writers block, a dry spell if you will. We have nibbled at a few poems here and there, but we haven’t so much touched the novel we are working on, or busted out a short story in months. While this blog was intended to keep the practice of writing on a irregularly scheduled but frequent basis, we just seem to have lost the fuel to keep it up for the time being.

Rest assured we will be back with content soon. We can’t really say when and we can’t really say what that is either. These things happen to writers. Not professional ones that work for news papers or the AP or NPR or any of that shit. This weeks This American Life had a really good story about a kid that hopped in photos of all the clubs in his high school for the yearbook. I had a friend do that one year. It was funny. You should listen to that. It also had a ghost story. Ghost stories make me sad.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by. Sign up for the whole subscribe to the feed thing on yr right there. Then next time there is something worth reading you can read it. Alright, until then, keep yr shit real and yr unit on you.

Franconia Station Manging Editor and Staff.


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