Katy Perry, Kelly Clarkson or….

Kelly Clarkson has a new album out called All I Ever Wanted. On it is a song written by “I Kissed a Girl” Kate Perry called “I Do Not Hook Up.” Included here is a version by Kate Perry and Clarkson’s for those who care to compare. While I think, like any good artists in mega-world music, Clarkson owns the track. It’s a good, catchy song, but like Cash did in his twilight years with Rubin, Clarkson take ownership.

Listening to Perry’s version though, I’d like to hear Scandinavian bombshell Ida Maria belt this tune out. Perry’s version hinges on the rough edges which makes rock and roll awesome and is not really a part of Clarkson’s lexicon. Ida Maria has both the talent and the balls to do this track justice.

It’s a great track. Good break down, funny use of flanger in Clarkson’s version. See for yourself.

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