A Reunion I can get behind

It is bloody important to relive your past. This most recent Wednesday, plagued with a sinus infection and beyond exhausted, I was able, for a short hour, to relive my past. Thanks in no small part to the reunited Frodus (with Liam Wilson from Dillinger Escape Plan playing the part of bassist) I felt that energy of being young once again. Surrounded by familiar faces, some of which I hadn’t seen since Frodus disbanded in 1999.

Crammed into Murky Coffee House with a bunch of other thirtysomethings mulling about, the giddiness I felt was shared by everyone else in the room. The trio struck out into classic songs from Conglomerate International and the crowed began to sway. Somehow the eruption of bodies did not incur until the band announced their rendition of Devo’s “Explosions”. As if on queue the rusted bones and muscles of the older kids did as they were directed. From then on it was a sea of thrashing bodies, body surfers and microphone sharing. By the time the show wound down with “Feel Good Song of the Year” I felt the ten years since I last thrashed about with this Fairfax trio melt away from my body and my soul. The rehersal room version of “Cha-Chi” ended the night, people bouncing all over the place and sore and bruised. I was sweating from all parts of my body. The smile on my face radiated from my body.

Since this show I have been in a confused daze. I am not sure if it’s the sinus infection, pseudophedrine intake, the sleepless nights, the general anxiety. In those moments I felt found again, reborn. It was something akin to a religious experience almost. I don’t believe in a “higher power” kind of thing. Music has always been sufficient enough for me, and this show was proof of that. But somehow I feel left behind again. The time I spent over the last decade seems a little less vibrant. Somehow, I can trace the last spiritual moment I had like this to that day in December of 1999. Somehow after that night, things were never quite as vibrant, never quite as loud and powerful.

“We like new places until they’re over-run. We do like music – loud bang from the big spudgun”

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