Shocking News: I Don’t Like Jack Whites New Band

It seems that lovely Jack White, hero to many for reasons still inexplicable to me, is at it again with another band that sounds pretty much exactly like his first band, The White Stripes. Might I introduce you to The Dead Weather. It seems our boy Jack can’t get enough of slow, jangly garage rock music. Now he has to drag Allison Mosshart from my beloved Discount into this mess. Which is the reason I am writing about this, because Allison Mosshart has strayed so far from the lovely lovely pop punk roots that I just have to beg now. Ms. Mosshart, in the wake of the mighty conglomerate known as Frodus reuniting, I ask for one more show as Discount and to leave this bad bad bad music to rest. Your penetrating, dark and skillful poetics deserve to be heightened by engaging, energetic and enthusiastic musicians. Not Jack White and his band of awkward barr chords.

For people who are into jangly guitars, the link is available above. The dude with the glasses from Raconteurs is also in the band as well as some goof from Queens of the Stoneage. Indie Rock weirdos are stocked. We’re still scratching our heads over this one.

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