Quickie Reviews Episode One

Welcome to a new feature where I try to do short reviews of more of the new music I listen to. Lets see how this crap works out. Please note I am watching House M.D. while writing this.

Mi Ami

I picked up a promo copy of this a couple of weeks ago because it was only four dollars. This band has some of the dudes from Black Eyes who were like the last major band on Dischord. I was never a huge fan of that band live, but I thought the music they made was pretty intense and interesting. It sounded jarring and pulling, like a bunch of people going in several directions at once (which according to this interview is pretty true). This CD is okay. It’s a lot of free form jamming and it doesn’t help when Daniel Martin-McCormick starts screeching like a pre-pubescent banshee, which was my least favorite part of Black Eyes. In the end, it’s an interesting experiment with some great rhythm expressions. If yr into music that lets go of structure and exists out of a need for journey then Mi Ami will kick some ass.

Turboslut/Pygmy Slut
Split LP
Exotic Fever

These bands were going to save DC. However Turboslut is breaking up and that sucks ass. Their side of this split LP is nothing short of brutally amazing. I have to admit I haven’t totally absorbed it yet, but when I was transferring it to digital (this sucker is only available on vinyl and it’s the first piece of vinyl I have bought in years) I was encapsulated by just how incredible this band is. Loud, rumbling, noisy, angry, vicious amazing music. This band had a bright future and I am sad to seem them go before they really hit their stride. Pygmy Lush has two identities a very loud and bombastic one and a very amazing and quietly beautiful one. For my money they excel at the later and this album has their best quiet tracks to date. “Proud King of the Doomed” pretty much flattens me right out. The loud songs are loud, but a few of them are ridiculously short, which actually made me smile. I can’t really get into the split personality on one slab of record, but it’s still another quality release from the boys.

Jeffrey and Jack Lewis
City and Eastern Tapes
Self Released

I caught Kimya Dawson this weekend at the Black Cat. The show was awkward. Her music is great, but it’s not made for casual internet kids and the impatient masses in beer swilling clubs. Jeffrey Lewis was her direct musical hero who inspired her to pick up the guitar and write songs. It shows too in his music. He’s a New York City artist who has probably lived there too long and not really made it, though he seems to be doing alright. This CD is a collection of demos and it’s a good indication of what Jeffrey Lewis is all about. It is a collection of demo’s though, so it’s a bit inconsistent as a piece of collected work. But you should know that going in. His song “Williamsburg Will Oldham Horror” is totally amazing and “Anxiety Attack” is a true to life account of said afflictions which this blogger identifies with.

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